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My apologies for not posting for a few days, but as always, things have been a bit hectic.

As for this shot: it was taken last night on Fleetwood beach and I used a two stop graduated ND filter to darken the sky; i.e. to balance it with the foreground illumination, and a three stop ND filter to get the slower shutter speed.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
8.48pm on 12/6/07
Canon 5D
EF 24-70 f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
1x1 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by dj evil at 11:57 AM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

OMG can i say only

comment by miChou at 12:22 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

C'est absoluement genial! Superb! Wonderful :)
It will certainly retain a place of honor in my bookmarks ;)

comment by Jeroen Broeckx at 12:48 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Amazing! More of that!

comment by Peter Holloway at 01:06 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Very nice indeed :)

comment by freddy at 01:24 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

much beautiful, like always ... ;-)

comment by jkm at 01:30 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Ian says he likes it and that it looks like a painting, he also loves the detail in the foreground. As for me, I would just like to take off and fly towards the light, looks like a very inviting silver lining.

comment by Keith De-Lin at 01:30 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

really cool photo.

comment by lightseeker at 01:43 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Great lighting and I like the contrast between the relatively static sky and the blurred movement of the water. Nice link between the break in the clouds and its reflection in the water.

comment by Jennifer at 01:54 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Lovely. The movement in the water is beautiful and the sky a fab mixture of tones.

comment by Dan at 01:58 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

A well composed and thought out shot. Love the mood created by the dark sky and silky sea. The only thing I would change is the crop, think I'd like a full portrait and a bit closer to the sea, you know, a lower angle. other than that brilliant :)

comment by Steve at 02:03 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

This is exceptional. Very moody. Excellent work.

comment by San Sebastian at 02:37 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

great ambientation. Beautifull colours.

comment by Ronald at 02:43 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Somehow you have the nose for special moments in seemingly ordinary places...
The aperture in the sky and the light on the waves...
The milkyness of the textures in the sea...like a slowly moving ectoplasmic presence...
The grad/ND filters work out beautifully!
Almost a biblical scenery...

comment by Rob at 02:45 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Nice shot. Moody and dynamic comes to mind. I like the sense of motion in the water contrsated against the stillness in the sky. I like the tones as well.

comment by Alice at 02:58 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Beautiful shot. I love the blurriness of the water and those clouds are incredible. Nicely done.

comment by Louise at 03:02 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

"Let there be light"... wonderful, wonderful... :)

comment by Joseph at 03:05 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Best picture for a very long time David, I'm going to think about buying this print. This is wonderful stuff!

comment by Dee at 03:13 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Absolutely fantastic. Great atmosphere. Looks like the sea was a kind of a strange being conquering beach.

comment by josef at 04:09 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Amazing shot. What strikes me the most is the softness of the image, although it's kind of rugged and rough.. Nice!

comment by redge at 05:13 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

I'm just curious. What time is this taken?

comment by Jon at 06:08 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Beautiful shot. I'm impressed.

comment by Lieneke at 06:15 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Wow, beautiful picture. I almost believe in angels.... ;-)

comment by E y e V i s i o n at 09:20 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Very nice. I like the dramatic sky and the monotone style. Regards.

comment by Robert at 09:40 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Thanks for the explanation on the filters. It amazes that even with two filters, f22 and at 8:48PM it worked out to a 1.6 second exposure... seems like it should be longer!

comment by Latchiko at 09:48 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Wow! This is amazing. The movement in the water seems to be mimicked by the clouds, like some sort of dance. Absolutely fantastic.

comment by Catalin at 09:51 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Like Ronald said: "Almost a biblical scenery..."
I'm almost expecting to see Moses riding a surf board on one of the bigger weaves. :)) Narly.
As for the tehnical accomplishments, I think every thing worth mentioning has been said. Congrats. :)

comment by Tibs at 10:16 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007


comment by ao tomato at 11:30 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Today you are officially Turner! Amazing capture...

comment by jelb at 11:57 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Strange and beautiful tones, and colors..Well done..Bravo!

comment by "Sunshine" at 11:58 PM (GMT) on 13 June, 2007

Truly Amazing!! The interplay of elements here make this simply a brilliant capture!

comment by wojtek at 07:45 AM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

I just gaped in awe.

comment by Thomas Solberg / Project neXus at 08:18 AM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

Cool result you've gotten here. The sea and sky look really menacing :-)

comment by thomas mueller at 09:11 AM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

wow. stunning image and i like the desaturated tones. a very moody image!

comment by 西皮士 at 10:54 AM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007


comment by Mohamadreza at 11:14 AM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

Awesome shot. The shape of clouds, tones & colors are awesome.

comment by Han at 12:03 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

I have to say the mystyness in the middle of the sea is what does it for me :)

comment by Eric at 12:11 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

I like the perfect storm feel to it.

comment by SteveO at 01:36 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

Best shot thats been put up here for months, seems a little noisy though.

comment by Angry Buddha at 02:50 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007


comment by Artepp at 03:11 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

Your heaven is so beautiful with great atmosphère!!!
Look at mine... ;)

comment by Marius M at 03:20 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

More or less Aivazovsky.

comment by mal at 03:52 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

stunningly beautiful. mal

comment by djn1 at 04:26 PM (GMT) on 14 June, 2007

Thanks all :-)

comment by Sandeep at 07:04 AM (GMT) on 15 June, 2007


I dint quiet understand the jargons though. Could you please explain.

comment by odi at 07:45 AM (GMT) on 17 June, 2007