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I did go down to the beach today but didn't manage to get anything that I'm especially happy with, so it's back to archive raiding again.

As for this one: I've processed it loads of times, but was never especially happy with the results, mostly because it was shot against dark concrete. So, this time, I decided to remove the background altogether.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
11.53am on 24/6/06
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
17mm (mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
comment by Gidi at 10:32 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2007

Interesting subject, but non complementary environment. :(

Good try though... keep em coming.

Hope Libbiy is doing OK... :)

comment by aaron at 10:59 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2007

Cool set up with a lost treasure.

comment by Mark Higgins at 11:32 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2007

Hey, you found my bucket! ;-)

Seriously, nice shot, but I don't think the background works.


comment by Jennifer at 11:48 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2007

Odd but cool!

comment by nferreira at 02:18 AM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

In shots like this, we have to be creative. I lost the count of the number of times that I look to a photo, process it, look again, process another time, and so on, and the photo is never as I intended. Then, it's time for a different approach to see if it works. In your case it did. :-)

comment by ROB at 02:27 AM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

That is seriously cool. It seems to be floating there. Yet another technique (remove the background) I would now like to attempt.

comment by Joachim Bengtsson at 09:59 AM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

Wow, that looks incredibly much like a render. Which is cool :)

comment by The Plankmeister at 11:14 AM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

I think that is the most perfectionistic masking I've ever seen. Incredibly sharp edges! Must've taken hours to create that mask...

comment by rambohoho at 12:04 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

it looks like a CAD Model :)

comment by Steve at 01:52 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

I have to agree with the silent folks today I think. This doesn;t work for me as a shot with no background. It has no point of reference. Some might like that, but it just looks like an odd product shot. The bucket itself is really not that interesting either. In contect it might work better.

comment by Joseph at 01:53 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

I think its pretty cool :)

comment by The Obvious at 02:22 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

Indeed, the masking is quite nice, and it is obvious that you took time with it. However, the lighting on the bucket seems to be natural, when the feel of this photo is studio. The white handle is a little bluish, with red light reflecting from the bucket, so I am making the educated guess that this was shot probably at sunset or sunrise. Does anyone agree with me that it might have been just as nice or better to see another baby photo?

comment by jkm at 03:00 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

Interesting concept but it doesn't grab me

comment by Lightseeker at 05:46 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

Like it, odd but cool.

comment by Mayuresh patil at 07:50 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

I love the angle. Its amazing how you pay attention to the finest details.You did an awesome job on removing the background.


comment by Richard Trim at 08:10 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

Looks like a museum artifact snapped on matt black paper ... loads quicker than processing !!!! Oops that is the first mean comment I have ever made on your site ... er ... I think.

I suspect you have your mind on more important things David ...and rightly so.

comment by cy at 08:43 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

i like it wiht out the background. makes me think of what might be displayed in a history museum 400 years from now of our culture or lack there of. lol. just realized that the guy above me had the same thoughts.lol. ;)

comment by djn1 at 08:49 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

A bit of a mixed reaction to this one then :-) Thanks all.

comment by Richard Trim at 08:52 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

Yeh cy ...we're mean aren't we?

comment by djn1 at 08:55 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2007

Richard: lol :-)

comment by Mark at 02:05 PM (GMT) on 16 April, 2007

I for one prefer it without the background...i think the color contrast between the black and red make for a striking photo......i categlog this as one of the photos i view on blogs and say "cooL" the moment i opened it.....curious....are you a "pen" tool user to make your selections or do you free form it?

comment by Alice at 02:59 PM (GMT) on 16 April, 2007

While I tend to agree with some of the commenters about the bucket not having a frame of reference without some sort of background, I do still find it an interesting shot. I like the colors and detail in the bucket. I'd be interested to see what this looked like prior to the removal of the background. Keep up the nice work, David.