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As I mentioned yesterday, Matt Hoyle's 'Icebergs' portraits were on display at the opening event of the Gulf Photo Plus annual training event. This is a shot of one of them – entitled 'mistman' – being admired by two of the guests.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
7.48pm on 20/3/07
Canon 5D
EF 24-70 f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + travel [Dubai, UAE] + people
comment by nferreira at 10:51 PM (GMT) on 31 March, 2007

It looks like the two guests belong to Matt's photo. Well done. :-)

comment by djn1 at 11:04 PM (GMT) on 31 March, 2007

Nuno: thanks, that's what I like about this one too.

comment by myla kent at 02:53 AM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

brilliant. feels very stepfordwife-ish. (long time, I know, hope all is well)

comment by 西皮士 at 03:50 AM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007


comment by PamR at 07:52 AM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

Beautiful colors and I like how the viewers look like spectators at the beach. Nicely done.

comment by rhys at 08:49 AM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

Wow, I really mean WOW! I think this has to be one of my favourite shots that I've seen in a long time anywhere, there is so much going on. I particulalry like the colours, it has an old 50's early-colour-photo style feel to it.

comment by Ryano at 09:16 AM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

brilliant Dave! this is very different for you and I love the diversity! great photography!

comment by Jennifer at 10:47 AM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

I prefer your photos of Matt's work to his actual photos! They look unreal - more like paintings - is it HDR per chance!?

comment by Tom at 01:46 PM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

Nice one! It looks indeed as if all of you were at the scene watching the man.

comment by mal at 01:53 PM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

before I read your introduction, I was convinced that you were at some beach front wine bar with these ladies admiring the beach scene through the bar window! Very lovely image. mal

comment by owen-b at 06:44 PM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

I've now had a chance to view this man's portfolio and I have to say that the 'HDR'ness of many of his images, whether they are HDR or not, is very offputting. They look very fake and heavily manipulated, and not in a good way. Personal opinion, that, of course... ;)

comment by Maarten at 08:01 PM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

Great processing on those 'viewers' almost looks like they are part of the painting they are looking at !

comment by djn1 at 08:16 PM (GMT) on 1 April, 2007

Thanks all. And I guess that Matt's work isn't quite as popular as I thought it would be.

comment by cy at 01:25 AM (GMT) on 2 April, 2007

what fun. love the perspective of the women in front of the paiting. almost makes it seem as you are part of their critque of it.

comment by LightChaser at 03:45 AM (GMT) on 2 April, 2007

Nicely done. This has a very 1960's suberbia feel going on with it which is great. I think it has mostly to do with the liquor in the womans hand, the floral/paisley print shirt, and the man with the swimming cap on. The mix of warm and cool toning further intensifies this feeling. Well done, Dave!

comment by Alice at 03:47 PM (GMT) on 2 April, 2007

Great perspective the way you included the two "viewers" in the photo. Great idea!

comment by Elinor at 07:51 PM (GMT) on 2 April, 2007

This is great. I did not realize it was a viewing at first so I wondered why the women were so dressed up, drink in hand, for the beach. Fabulous shot.

comment by JD at 08:46 PM (GMT) on 2 April, 2007

I really like the surreal feel to this, created by the focus point and shallow DOF ;)
damned photography and its contant flat 2d representation of a scene!!! or praise?

comment by Jesus at 07:33 AM (GMT) on 3 April, 2007

What a different and great shot, very interesting work.

comment by Wout [Woit] at 11:12 AM (GMT) on 4 April, 2007

Nice colors! It is a special shot. It could also have been that these women were looking through a window at the beach.

comment by Osiriums Ventaka at 11:49 AM (GMT) on 4 April, 2007

Very good colors! Nice composition/Idea!

comment by jESUS at 10:51 AM (GMT) on 21 May, 2007

Superb PP looks like a painting., perfect chosen DOF,

comment by ana at 06:18 PM (GMT) on 14 October, 2007

i realy think its pretty .
to me it looks like the ladies are gossiping about him ...
it varry nice.