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Here's the second of the sand pictures I mentioned, and I think I probably prefer this one to yesterday's. As always, let me know what you think.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
5.52pm on 22/3/07
Canon 5D
EF 24-70 f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + travel [Dubai, UAE] + abstract
comment by rhys at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

intriguing texture. nice lighting. quite medatative when you stare at it for a while.
Oh, it also reminds me of a ryvita cracker!

comment by djn1 at 08:36 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

A Ryvita? I've travelled half way around the world (well, almost), taken photographs in one of the most inhospitable geographies known to man, and it reminds you of a cracker? Next time I'll just take a trip to the kitchen instead ;-)

comment by Richard Trim at 08:45 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

Is it grainy because its grainy ? or is it grainy because you made it grainy? ... Seems like a a plate of cous cous to me ...somewhat fitting I think!
And come clean David ... Are the sand really this sort of range of colours?
AND Yes I to prefer the cous cous to the snakeskin from yesterday.

comment by djn1 at 08:53 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

Richard: it's grainy because it's sand ;-) As for the colours: yesterday's was pretty close to the original, though a bit yellower than the actual sand (which was a reddish brown). This one is a less literal interpretation. I've got some shots of the desert that show a bit more of the context, which I'll put up tomorrow when I get home. Right now, I'm at Dubai airport waiting for my flight, so will finish my coffee then wander down to my gate.

comment by m at 09:21 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

No where near yesterdays. No context and nothing natural about it. I think I'll stop there ;-)

comment by swoozyq at 10:07 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

I love these sand images... although I am still giggling about the Ryvita... my daughter says it looks like someones chest... which makes me wonder who's chests she has been looking at??? Anyhow, these pictures of the sand look so alien to the sand that I know, I am intrigued to see the shot you mentioned which will show it in context.

comment by SteveO at 10:41 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

nowhere near as good as yesterdays, i quite agree with m. I do however think that again, the thumbnail looks better, smoothing out the grain a little bit seems to do a lot for the image in my opinion.

comment by Ryano at 10:54 PM (GMT) on 25 March, 2007

very interesting images I think David! I still prefer your Blackpool work, in saying that it is nice seeing an image that doesn't remind you of home! of course with the exception of reminding you of your kitchen with the whole ryvita comments lol!

comment by rhys at 09:49 AM (GMT) on 26 March, 2007

Sorry David, I didn't mean to cause offence! It was just something I thought of as I was about to finish typing. :)

comment by Psychodudu at 10:30 AM (GMT) on 26 March, 2007

The jury's out on this one, David. I think I like yesterday's more, just because it was a truer image. This is lacking something... definition perhaps? The colours are quite tasty though, reminds me a little of when I used to do those colored sand images as a kid! Safe trip home.

comment by psychodudu at 10:31 AM (GMT) on 26 March, 2007

The thumbnails are better, imho. What does that tell us?

comment by Alice at 03:21 PM (GMT) on 26 March, 2007

I like this shot also, but of the two, I prefer yesterday's I think. I like the truer colors in yesterday's shot. Although this is a good one too. Have a safe trip back!

comment by Maarten at 09:19 PM (GMT) on 26 March, 2007

in opposite to your opinion, I like yesterday's shot more. Why ? It's a more balanced image, with nice 'drawing' in it... This one is a bit too 'busy'

comment by mal at 09:41 PM (GMT) on 26 March, 2007

can we say that it is a cracker of a shot then Dave? ;-))) Mal

comment by djn1 at 09:47 PM (GMT) on 26 March, 2007

Thanks all.

And Mal, no, it would appear not ;-)

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