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I've been trawling through old shots of our kids over the last week or so for a project I'm working on, and came across this one. I think I overlooked it at the time as the composition didn't work as-shot; i.e. at 3x2. This crop though, in my opinion at least, works quite well.

As for the lighting: I used my flash on an extension cord and bounced it off the floor.

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
3.40pm on 26/11/06
Canon 20D
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
C1 Pro
4x3 + children [portraits]
comment by Jennifer at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 4 February, 2007

Great shot - fab model! Project bound to be a success ;-)

comment by nferreira at 09:30 PM (GMT) on 4 February, 2007

yes, it works quite well and the vignetting drive the viewer eyes to the eyes of your kid. It's always good to look to old photos after a while and try to edit them again with some more "visual maturity". :-)

comment by gypsy at 10:40 PM (GMT) on 4 February, 2007

Okay this is bitchen. Why can't, er I mean why don't you do more of this type of stuff? The lighting/contrast/bokah and quality of this shot are impressive and compelling - the lighting on the eyes draws right in, the ever so slight nearly green tint works fliudly with the texture's and contrast - and this is an example of what you can do above the rest.

comment by MarkDM at 03:09 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

The shallow depth of field makes this one work - you focus right on the little guy's eyes. Very fun shot.

comment by david kleinert at 05:01 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

very cool!

comment by P.J. at 06:37 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007


comment by David Chabashvili at 06:42 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

very nice shot! epsecially like the lighting, quite original! and focus on eyes is striking! great work!

comment by Thomas Solberg / Project neXus at 07:47 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Great details in the eyes.

comment by Rob at 10:26 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Very Nice.........a fun shot and done really well.
Just out of curiosity, is the shallow depth of field all in camera, or have you got a smidging of gausian blur on the go to flatter the skin?.........whicheverI really like it.

comment by Marius M at 10:44 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Light contrast on boys face (between the eyes) - isn't it masking effect?

comment by michele u. at 11:12 AM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

ciao david i'm an italian boy. i follow this photoblog every day. your photos are very beautiful and details are useful for my experiment photographic (i have a canon 400D).
thank's very much for your art! bravo!

comment by Jacky at 01:07 PM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Yes, It's so cool! The kid's smile and black glasses was the best kit for photographer.

comment by Ryano at 04:35 PM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Worked well Dave. Love the aperture and selective blurring. Keep it up!

comment by Crash at 06:47 PM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

very cool shot ... the lighting on his face is perfect ... nice expression on the little guy too !

comment by Sophie at 06:50 PM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Fun pic. Beautiful subject and expression.

comment by djn1 at 08:02 PM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Thanks everyone.

gypsy: over the next few weeks I'll be taking a lot more kid shots :-)

Rob: well spotted, there is some gaussian blur, and for much the reason you mention.

comment by m at 10:11 PM (GMT) on 5 February, 2007

Ok I take it back, it not Fin's first portrait.
This is more like it. I think you mught end up with the social round if you're not careful!

comment by Dorene at 01:56 AM (GMT) on 7 February, 2007

I see Fin is going to have some incredible pictures for his album as well as the girls. I love this shot!