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Not exactly a work of art, but I was really short of time today.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
10.55am on 1/11/06
Canon 20D
EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM
200mm (320mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
comment by Jamey at 10:35 PM (GMT) on 1 November, 2006

Heh, this is scarier than yesterday's by far IMO. Not sure about the shadow on its back but other than that, nice portrait.

comment by pete at 10:40 PM (GMT) on 1 November, 2006

The detail here is amazing, thats either one friendly seagull, or youve got a splendid lens there.

comment by Graham at 10:41 PM (GMT) on 1 November, 2006

You kept us guessing tonight David.
I can see you took full advantage of todays sunlight to capture this gull. I know you like them, and this one is a nice study of the male bird. I like the side modelling.

comment by djn1 at 10:47 PM (GMT) on 1 November, 2006

Jamey: yes, this close it does look a bit scary. Mind you, when Harmony puts her mind to it she can be quite scary too ;-)

pete: the original was cropped from about 3500px to 3250px and I guess I must have been about four feet away from it, so I was pretty close. That said I've found the f/2.8 70-200 gives me much better results than the f/4.0 version. Partly, I think it's optically better, but even at relatively high shutter speeds I think the IS makes quite a difference too.

Graham: yep, today didn't pan out quite as I expected, and I don't have anything to put up tomorrow yet either.

comment by Lex at 11:20 PM (GMT) on 1 November, 2006

I like it, especially the eye, but then I'm a closet twitcher.

comment by Alistair - Digiphotology at 12:21 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

It should be! Natural history photography, well I suppose it had to come! Great detail Dave.

comment by Suby at 01:43 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

David, the details in this shot is awesome, looks like an evil bird though :)


comment by navin harish at 05:16 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Very nice details. Crisp shot.

comment by Ries at 08:19 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Wow... the eye...
Great details in this beautiful shot.

comment by {-P-} at 08:20 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Great picture. The colours are very nice and looks real (I guess no much post-treatment has been made).

comment by Jennifer at 09:29 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Great shot of Jonathan Livingston. Just decided I was gonna get the 135 f2 L - making me wonder now!!

comment by Tibsy at 09:36 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Great work.

Your photography is on a different level, brilliant stuff.

comment by Ronnie at 11:29 AM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Aaah, the Gull is looking at me!
Great detail, and colours; excellent exposure.
How did you get the black background by the way, was it that dark??
I have a similar shot of a male gull somewhere...will post it on my blog soon..for comparison...;-)

comment by m at 01:03 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Fantastic. Move over Andy Rouse

comment by SteveO at 03:26 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Hehe, i don't think Andy Rouse has much to worry about just yet :-) It is detailed though, looks almost like plastic, very odd.

comment by bryan at 03:43 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

What a unique view. I can't recall ever seeing a bird's eye that looked like that. That and the colors in the beak really make this shot.

comment by John at 03:45 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Excellent work. The lighting here really makes the subject pop.

comment by tobias at 05:23 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Great detail which makes it a good exercise. Not sure about the framing though. I would like something that speaks of it's character. It's interaction with the landscape.

God, I sound negative of late, so I haven't commented. I'm just not into this sort of image. Yesterdays lack of focus although at times suitable was annoying. Water beacon was a bit too minimal. Hmmm, not saying anything about the work, more about the subjects.

The glass was good and I said as much. People dwelling on the detail to this image rather than any other potential summarises the feeling I think. I like your images, just not your recent ones.

comment by tobias at 05:24 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

I dunnoi, yeah, the thumbnail highlights the light. I often find thumbnails distill the character of an image...

comment by Craig at 05:37 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Excellent detail!

comment by Charles le brusseler at 06:18 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Superbe !!!

comment by Kurt at 06:50 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Great photo! Hate the comment about the f/4 not being as sharp because now I will want to get the f/2.8 IS - you are creating undue financial stress! I vote stuffed.

comment by djn1 at 09:51 PM (GMT) on 2 November, 2006

Thanks all, and it wasn't stuffed :-)

comment by Sysagent at 05:36 PM (GMT) on 5 November, 2006

Tis sharper than a sharp thing this!

Like the totally natural toning here on the bird just looks great.

comment by npblog at 09:25 PM (GMT) on 11 December, 2006

Very beautiful bird portrait.