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For those of you who are getting bored with HDR shots of these old wrecks you'll be pleased to hear that this is the last but one I'll be putting up for a while as I think it's about time I took some photographs of something else.

At some point, I'll visit them again, as I suspect that there are dozens more shots to be had. In fact, some of the ones I tried yesterday almost worked out, and could easily be re-shot, but I'll leave it for a while.

What do you suggest I shoot next?

3x2 + HDR + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by scott at 07:52 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

I really enjoyed yesterday's image. If your question is regarding these wrecks specifically, I would definitely vote for more up-close shots of the ships' details.

Today's shot is definitely well thought out and very visually appealing, although I must admit I'm not a huge fan of the HDR look in general.

comment by Sean at 07:56 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

How about some B&W macro shots?

comment by Roger at 07:59 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

I have actually enjoyed them. I would enjoy seing them as regular shots too.

comment by CurlyToes at 08:07 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

I have enjoyed the series too, although I find this one looks 'too-HDR' - it looks over-processed and very unnatural; somehow the others didn't look so bad. I think this painterly HDR effect is something you either love or hate, and I ain't too keen :) I'm certainly with Sean on some Macro shots; not something we see from Chromasia too often.

comment by KC at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

How about finishing up those tutorials!

comment by bob at 08:26 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

Again a very nice HDR photo. Kind of a painting.

I would like to see just your photos - so i can see your view of the world. So for me its not important if you will do some macros, portraits, landscape BW or color. Just do it :o)

comment by mikelangelo at 08:42 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

I've really enjoyed this series of shipwrecks as I enjoy the subject, personally. I'd love to see more done with varying points of view, perhaps macro of the rust/textures on the shipwrecks themslelves.

I wouldn't mind seeing some landscapes shots (of actual land vs. piers and seascapes).

comment by [ PIXEL VIKING ] at 08:48 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

Who could get tired of HDR :) HDR is how most of us see the world everyday. If just our brains could do a little Chromasia PP, the world would probably be a much better place. I would love to see some city shots (architecture from Blackpool). I don't remember seeing much of that here. I'm sure that there are a lot of beautiful buildings even in Blackpool... What about shops - lots of images there. Your children's kindergarden / school - and I don't mean people shots... What about some university shots. Uhh, and I would love to see some industrial decay shot from your hand. I'm sure you have some run down places around. For my part, I love a little history lesson now and then.

comment by Gabriel Loeb at 08:50 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

Wow, Amazing texture in all of these shots. Personally, I'd like to see some portraits. I find that some of your best shots are portraits. Of course, I'm also being greedy because I know I need to work on my portraiture and seeing your technique will help me.

comment by Alistair - Digiphotology at 09:00 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

So that's what you where doing up there! You had to be there to see the gymnastics required to climb laboured this tub! Far too athletic for an old f..t like me. The HDR definitely gives a very strange interpretation of the ambient light conditions. It certainly has an appeal.

I have resorted to another version of the Polaroid emulsion transfer effect this for todays posting.

comment by Jennifer at 09:30 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

Glad you're moving on! The odd HDR is OK, but call me old fashioned I like photo's to look like photo's not photo-realism! They are brilliant - I just don't dig them that much. How's about some creative still life?

comment by Mark at 09:57 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

Thank Christ for that! Suggestions?....Oooohh...I don't know...anything that's NOT a boat wreck would interest me tbh ;)

comment by John Washington at 10:35 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

I'm getting bored with HDR shots, and I was with you when you took them, and have done some myself.

I still have this love/hate relationship with HDR, and it's nothing to do with the images not looking like a photograph is currently expected to.

I think my issue is when the pictures start to take on the form of a painting of a scene by a talented representational artists.

That said, it is surely more the case that our brains are just not used to seeing this type of photograph yet.

I'm not sure if HDR is the way we see the world as Pixelviking suggests. I do think that many scenes rendered in HDR reveal more detail than we can see - especially backlit scenes, but Pixelviking could be right and it is something I will pay more attention to.

comment by nogger at 11:12 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

Well, I've never seen anything that looked like this, so I guess I disagree with Pixelviking as well. There again, who's to say we all see things the same way in the first place? If we do/did I guess photography (and all visual art/artistry) would be very boring.

As for being used to seeing things, I dunno, do we accept stuff just through familiarity? Are we all Westlife fans? Do we all like Jonathan Ross? Terry Wogan? Coronation Street? MacDonalds?

comment by Mark at 11:42 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

John makes a great point and one that I wanted to jump on when I visited earlier (instead I left a flippant post ;)...). Do we actually see scenes like HDR images? I really don't think so. I understand what the Viking fella is on about but that's only from a technical aspect, from a visual aspect it doesn't run I'm afraid. Once again, John mentions it, the whole aspect of representational art is - in this case - very much key to these images....especially given your personal leanings when it comes to the photography you publish on here Dave.

As for Nogger.....well....Terry Wogan? How the hell did you drag him into it? I felt like I'd stepped back into the 80's! Please tell me they've not let him out of the prison of radio!!

You, yourself, have freely admitted that your aim is not to simply provide a true, reallife

comment by Mark at 11:44 PM (GMT) on 23 August, 2006

oops....forgot to delete the last line in editing mode ;)

comment by Pete at 12:15 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

Oh well, I like it! As Alistair already said, it's impressive enough that you managed to get onto the boat. Do you have a blue lycra suit, a cape and red underpants on underneath your clothes?!

The only slight distraction I find is the foreground on the left-hand side looks a little out-of-place and unnatural compared with the remainder of the image. I like the sense of depth looking towards the rear of the boat.

comment by Trish at 12:29 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

I've enjoyed these shots... I love the unusual and unexpected colors. As for suggestions, I love your portraits most of all (and I seem to remember a promised picture of Finley?), but I love seeing your view of Blackpool too.
Oh heck, I'd check out the site if you were photographing your grocery list. ;)

comment by tamonline at 12:42 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

Hey dave.
I really like this one, but prefer yesterday's vibrant colour. Still i like its gritty foreground and soothing background. This is a very good series; its all very "fantastical". Otherwise, I would like to see, something alive and moving. An action shot, perhaps? Dunno.

Also, I finally got an HDR attempt to work today, shot the Arc de Triomphe into a setting sun. Its not very good, but you can finally see the effects of the HDR. I haven't posted it but maybe I'll get this HDR thing down soon. Practice makes perfect, right?

take care, brian

comment by YETi at 02:03 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

I notice in the archives there is the odd swan and seagull dotted about, I suggest you shot some animals? A zoo perhaps.

comment by David Serville at 03:23 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

Your HDR shots are some of the best I have seen. Sometimes HDR can be too surreal and dark for me but you seem too have found the balance

comment by John Zeweniuk at 06:07 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

another great image. For me the forground hold so much interest and is composed wonderfully with such interesting shapes textures and spaces.

comment by Rog at 07:54 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

Hi David

I have to say I like them. The detail is so pin sharp. I would like to see some of your other shots with this treatment but guess that might be for another time.

You have definitely got a great method of processing these images and am hoping that will be part of the tutorial series........ :-)

comment by moonhead at 08:44 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

How about a few self-portraits Dave.

comment by derLitograph at 09:26 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

As always a great shot. Today i saw a program which i think is very helpful. But it's no freeware. It's called FLUID MASK: http://www.vertustech.com/fm_features.htm
Does anyone know it? The results are not bad.

comment by navin harish at 09:52 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

From this perspective this looks huge. Those small things in the water look like people

comment by Geoff at 09:54 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

I've been sick of this series for several days, so I'm all for moving on. I'm also on a bit of an anti-HDR tirade at the moment :)

Anyway, my ten cents (or is that 5 p) is for a series of reflection shots - something Mr Nightingale is extremely capable with. Also gives a variation of subject matter. Who remembers some of those amazing shots in the train windows from last year...

comment by peter at 11:51 AM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

I sometimes get the feeling that HDR is used as an quick&dirty path to creating different - or artistic - shots. No doubt that with the right material and processing it is a useful tool, but it's being done badly so many places that I'm getting bored. Luckily, some people know what they are doing, and this recent series is a good example of using HDR creatively. The depth in this picture is really great and there is lots of detail in the old wreck. NIce work.

comment by Lex at 12:37 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

I like the composition leading the eye out to sea, but again possibly over HDR'd (for me) in the shadow areas; the botton left appears too bright.

My suggestion would be more candid street photography; with the bank holiday coming up this weekend I'm sure Blackpool will be pretty busy. Also, picking up on YETi's suggestion, animals are a subject matter you've not really covered; although it may not be your thing. Carlo Mari's The Great Migration and Marina Cano on Photo.net are animal portfolios I like a lot but perhaps a little exotic for the Blackpool area. You could still try for that definitive seagull shot.

With regards to HDR, I found some figures that may be of interest:
Typical outdoor sunlit scene - Dynamic range 100,000+:1 (~17EV)
Human eye - Dynamic range (across one view at one time) 10,000:1 (~14EV)
Film camera - Dynamic range up to ~2,000:1 (~11EV)
Digital camera - Dynamic range *typically* ~500:1 (~8.5EV)
PC monitor - Dynamic range 500-1000:1 (9-10EV)
Printed photo - Dynamic range 100-250:1 (7-8EV)

comment by fernando at 12:41 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

really great!

comment by Roy at 02:10 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

I've enjoyed your HDR pictures as they are the best conceived and executed I've seen in this genre. Personal taste will always dictate whether they are liked or not, but they are a good example of a new technique evolving from digital image-making.
As for what to do next? I'm tempted to say 'whatever floats your boat', but personally I would like to see some more explorations of digital pinhole pictures - even though the few posted so far weren't so well received.

comment by thomas at 04:09 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

like the mood of the wrack(s). todays image looks like an old shot from the 2nd worldwar. greta one.

comment by m at 04:25 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

Cool photo. Happy to see more but if I was to pick you a subject it would be people.

comment by Craig Wilson at 05:16 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

Something with vibrant colour :)

comment by djn1 at 05:44 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2006

Thanks all, and I'll try and shoot some of your suggestions over the next few days.

comment by Allan Aguirre at 04:06 AM (GMT) on 26 August, 2006

My first look at this shot and I smiled, shook my head and said wow out loud. I love it and I love what HDR does to a shot. It's the post processing (saturation, color palette, etc.) that made Chromasia a regular haunt for me over a year ago. It's what you do/bring to the image after you capture it that makes me a fan of your work and I would dare say, what has made chromasia dot com such an international success... You make pictures look good. I expect to see wonderment when I come here.

comment by Chris Pittock at 12:29 AM (GMT) on 28 August, 2006

This one look quite sureal.

I would suggest shooting Pigeons, hate the things. Oh you mean shoot as in photograph 8-)

comment by Fred-Eric Lafaille at 03:01 PM (GMT) on 1 September, 2006

I find this photo very nice, and I am looking for how to realize HDR but didn'T find nothing about the technique. I thought you where put some info about HDR in the tuto section but there is nothing.

Do you know when you gonna put some HDR technique in the tuto section...

Sorry for my bad english