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This is the third of four in this small series, and the first of two shots of this boat. Of the two I'm not sure which I prefer. Tomorrow's takes a wider view and different angle, and is more of a typical HDR shot (it's also processed in a style more like some of my landscape shots), but I like today's, both in terms of composition and the vibrancy of the colours.

And again, as with the previous two shots this one at a fairly wide angle, f/8.0, and was constructed from four original RAW files, each one stop apart.

As always, let me know what you think.

Update: Following Elissa's and Alistair's comment regarding the blue tinge to the interior of the boat I've amended this one.

3x2 + HDR + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by Elissa at 07:37 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Hmmmm.... the dark areas inside the ship look a bit too blue. And the whole ship itself looks a little bright (a tad too washed-out). I feel like more saturation in color on the ship (slightly similar to the color saturation of the grass) would make this photo more appealing.
Though I haven't actually played around with HDR myself, so I'm just going on what I like to look at :)

comment by Brett Admire at 07:50 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Still the 2nd one (yesterdays) is my favorite. Can't wait till tomorrow

comment by Scrubs at 07:59 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Nice subject but the colours look a little oversaturated to me

comment by EssPea | Photography at 08:03 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Great texture! Smooth sky, Pointy grass and Decayed boat. Great use of HDR, thanks for actuallly understanding how to use it.

To see how not to use it check out 'Kris Kros' on Flickr.

comment by thomas at 08:11 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

think the second is the best one. but i wait for tomorrow. :)


comment by martin at 08:12 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Hey David. Well, I like your series. The colours in here suit. The only thing I do not like about HDR are the halos this pp creates. In this shot : Arround the ship.
What I like in this shot is that the sky looks natural. I also like the composition... Its a bit unusual cause photographers tend to place their subject on the left side.

comment by Pete at 08:29 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Another great HDR shot. Are you using exposure bracketing or taking 4 shots manually? I'm asking because I thought EOS cameras only take 3 shots using AEB, so I'm assuming you do them manually.

I'm itching to get to this location now as soon as possible. Can't believe that having lived by the River Wyre for most of my life I've never ventured north along the river towards Fleetwood! I think it's because I assumed I couldn't get past the ICI site along the pathway.

Having scoured Google Maps - what's the best way to get to these ships from a handy parking space? Looks like it may be easiest to go to Freeport and work my way around the back.

Looking forward to seeing the final (?) shot tomorrow.

comment by Tibs at 08:35 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Another great shot.

I like the saturation levels of the colours!

o far, this is my favourite shot of the boat

comment by matt at 08:42 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

The first in the series was great, however to me this looks a little over saturated and the dark areas seem to be lacking contrast.

comment by m i k e b at 08:45 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

It does not feel oversaturated to me. It is more saturation than most of us are used to seeing on your site, but that is not a bad thing...just different. It is a moderate use of high dynamic range and the composition is nice. One last thing, nice angle on the river.

comment by Alistair Parker at 09:03 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Well David another intersting view point on this old hulk. I have to agree with some of the comments on this one. I have 2 screens on the go on my laptop which has a cool screen the interior is vivid blue. On my CRT monitor the colours look a lot mor how I imagine you intended them to look. But considering the weather at the time the HDR certainly sheds a whole new light on the subject. For those who may be interested this is a shot of the same hulk "wreck" from a different angle.

I knew it was a mistake to let this location out of the bag ;) Pete you are nearly right in your guess, it could cost you a pint to find out the route :)

comment by m at 09:11 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Fab, SOmething about makes me think of the fair!

comment by Mary at 09:31 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Very dramatic sky and vibrant ground cover. I like the colors on the "old wreck" but think I would have liked to see a closer pic of the boat. You have a talent for bringing out the detail in the smallest (and largest) of subjects and I think a closer shot would have done more of this... But as always, nice shot!

comment by _flex. at 09:45 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006


comment by CurlyToes at 09:46 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

I reckon it's a bit too saturated, but I love the textures. The contrast looks fine to me, and the composition is great.

comment by tobias at 10:31 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

Blimey, yet more amazing colours to another well composed and executed shot. I hate shooting images against those sort of skies. Nightmare to expose correctly but the HDR rescues this.

comment by javga at 11:05 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

No.1 one. The first one (of this series) is a fantastic shot... so I like that one the most. This post is very nice too. The shape does remind me of an anker.

comment by Bill Hooker at 11:21 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

I think some combination of creepy/wistful/nostalgic is ideal with the slightly odd (I dunno, "otherworldly"?) quality of HDR shots, at least as djn renders them. These old ships are ideal subjects. I'm really enjoying this little series; thanks especially for the GoogleMap.

comment by Deb at 11:52 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2006

To me, most salient in this and no. 1 in the series, is the beautiful spectrum of colours provided by the decaying wood and paint . Yes, the boat is cadaver-like, (in this shot, skeletal), but it doesn't look feeble or 'defeated'. Sturdy (yet humble) honour in function resonates .....I thought, "Rainbow Warrior". Even it's final resting place seems reverential. Plush, emerald (Elysian) fields cushion its gnarled arcs and bows. Maybe it's thinking..."It was all as ephemeral as a rainbow" (Virginia Wolfe) :)

comment by Kat at 12:01 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

I love the composition, and the picture really tells a story.

comment by Manuel at 12:07 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

I have waked up from a faint, just for seen this photo!!
You could show and face the original photo with this, like a "after" and "before" ;)
or this is the original shoot?

Saludos desde ConcepciĆ³n, Chile!!

comment by andres at 01:00 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

great photo! regards from Chile! far far away...

comment by Tara Holland at 01:20 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

Wow, NICE!

comment by sach1tb at 02:03 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

colours! I love the colours on this one too...

comment by Roger Griffiths at 07:26 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

Another great shot David. I really like the colours in this one although I do like all of this series. The HDR processing really does make details stand out and hope this is in the list for tutorials.

Am really looking forward to the next shot.

comment by david at 07:38 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

amazing colours and character captured in thes image! well done again..

comment by Ben at 07:41 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

Beautiful colors!

comment by Jennifer at 08:31 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

EssPea: thanks for that link - truly awful, I didn't realise how bad HDR's could be! I think they need to subscribe to DJN's tutorials ;-)

comment by John Zeweniuk at 08:35 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

These old ships are just awesome subjects.... so much possibility... beautiful color.

comment by mark at 09:32 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

I've only recently taken up photography after being interested from a distance even since childhood. When I found your site, I immediately bookmarked it and I visit every day. Without fail I am both inspired and bewildered. You consistently post beautiful pictures that have been carefully crafted to "speak" to the viewer. I'm learning what I can just by looking. Thank you David. Keep lighting up the world!

comment by JD at 10:39 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

I like the low angle and the amount of sky you have in the shot.
But I don't know why, but this one seems to have a more hazy feeling about it than the others? whether its the saturation or contrast I just don't know.
It is quite similar to the first in the series..

I think its just the whole HDR thing that I'm against? I would probably have preferrred a long exposure night shot of this (hint hint :D)

comment by Serge at 12:43 PM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

Hello, I was looking for what was disturbing me in that shot and I think, but not sure, it is the horizon which is not... very horizontal...

comment by Craig Wilson at 02:43 PM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

Love the colours, detail and sky.

comment by delphinE at 03:25 PM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

Totally amazing colours,
I'm going more and more jaleous day after day !

comment by Karl Baumann at 06:08 PM (GMT) on 18 August, 2006

Very colorful wreck, love the colors which look so alive in contradistinction to the wreck :-)