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It's been a good day today, so I wish I had something a little more riveting to put up, but I do enjoy shooting discarded newspapers and magazines. One odd thing: whenever I get around to post-processing these shots, and wondering what I might write to accompany them, I wish I'd looked at them more closely: i.e. removed them from there context to read the text and/or the date of publication, and so on. If I had done I would be able to tell you who this is and what might have happened to him. But, when I take the shots, I always feel extremely reluctant to disturb the scene.

Anyway, I mentioned it had been a good day ...

Back in March we were visited by a local reporter who had stumbled across chromasia and was interested in writing an article: on the website, my style of photography, Libby and the kids, and so on. It wasn't a commissioned piece so we knew there would be a wait until it was published. Anyway, the article came out today in The North West Enquirer, our regional newspaper in the north-west of England. If you follow the link there's a small copy of the front page of this week's issue at the bottom of the page, including under the north pier :-) [the article is now online too].

Anyway, if that wasn't enough, we got a phone call late morning from another reporter who wanted to try and get a similar article into the national newspapers, and following that we were contacted by the Metro, a free newspaper distributed in various towns around the UK, who also want to run the story. So, all in all, a pretty good day :-)

On a less positive note: I got an email from Tobias today informing me that someone had posted an unpleasant comment on his blog using my username, email address, and url. I'm assuming that this was a rather childish one-off event, but if anyone does see any negative comments from me on any of the sites they visit, I'd be grateful if they could let me know ... because it won't be me who posted them.

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2.09pm on 9/8/06
Canon 20D
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comment by Mike at 08:27 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2006

Congratulations on your media exposure. Well deserved.

comment by m at 08:37 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2006

Well done on the coverage. Nothing to say about todays pic ;-)

comment by EssPea | Photography at 08:49 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2006

Its hard to tell where the background ends and the paper begins!

comment by CrankPhoto at 09:18 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2006

strange shot. i'm not sure i like this type of subject...reminds me too much of something i'd see at www.postsecret.com

congrats on the exposure (no pun intended).

comment by wesley hargrove at 10:05 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2006

i really like the picture today, awesome job. i like how it appears to be all a single element.

and congratulations on the exposure, as Mike, put it. very cool!

comment by Eric Rudd at 10:21 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2006

Great picture! It looks like you were taking a picture of a TV monitor.

comment by John Packman at 11:42 PM (GMT) on 10 August, 2006

Very thought full shot. The grain of the paper and the grain of the sand allow for a very strong combination. I especially like the word "killed", which gives the picture huge impact.

comment by rp at 12:43 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Excellent picture, as always.

p.s. I've read The Metro in Amsterdam, in London, and I read it on the subway to work in Toronto as well, that's good exposure :)

comment by Dave at 01:03 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Dave, I think it's high time Blacpool Council acknowledged their debt to you: you've certainly raised the town's profile to a level they wouldn't know how to go about doing!
I reckon Wyre Borough Council also owe you for your Fleetwood shots!
Great work & congratulations on your long deserved recognition!

comment by Alex at 07:04 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

The Metro is the single thing keeping millions of students alive, sane and in touch with a vague collection of current events! Prbably the finest publication in the world, be proud! It's always interesting when the internet underworld surfaces in newspapers etc.

I think the fact that you didn't post the when and where of this guy adds to it... you're just wondering how he was killed, who he was and the myster or it makes it. The stippling and the sand work well together.

Do you ever get funny looks when you're bent over a piece of trash with a huge camera?

comment by YETi at 08:52 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Have you printed and frame the front cover yet? :)

comment by Mark [londonrubbish] at 09:51 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006


Well done on the newspaper article and you're in The Metro today- everyone in London gets it, every day - including me. You're officially famous mate!

comment by Jon at 10:27 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Congratulations on the article in the Metro! It'll probably be in the Evening Standard as well. Keep up the good work, and don't let the fame go to your head :)

comment by benjones at 10:36 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Nice, full page spread in the metro. They do seem to like those HDR images, don't they :)

comment by PaulB at 11:32 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Hey congrats on the article in the Metro, I read it this morning very good.

comment by EOS Chaos at 11:39 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

I just saw the article in the Metro. Celebrity status is now assured. But seriously, the exposure is well deserved, it was after reading about your site on the BBC that i discovered photoblogging. Looking through your catalogue of images inspired me so much i had a photoblog of my own within the week. - [Chuks]

comment by Fromme2u at 11:45 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Read about the site in the Metro, superb site.

comment by djn1 at 11:45 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Thanks all. I always though that the Metro came out as regional issues and that the piece would probably be in the Manchester edition. I hadn't realised it would be posted across the country :-)

comment by james at 11:54 AM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

after living most of my life in blackpool i end up finding out about you and your work in manchester in the enquirer.anyway,your picks reminded me why blackpool makes me sigh,mad,moan,groan,cry.whinge,bored,-interested,50/50 but most of all it makes me laugh!!! -im chuffed to have found this site,hope you keep going bud.

comment by Ciaran at 03:13 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Hello! I found your site after reading about your work in Metro this morning. I absolutely love your photography and will definitely keep dropping by to see what's new.

comment by Bernie at 03:46 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Simply stunning images, congrats on exposure in Metro - well deserved. If only I could......

comment by Mike Calvert at 06:39 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Caught your piece on Five Live. Very good.


comment by karl Baumann at 06:44 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

NIce structure and interesting crop.

comment by char at 07:17 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Congrats on the exposure! This photo definately makes you woonder what happened since you only gave us two hint, a partial of his face and the word "killed" what a way to spark intrest!

comment by Chris Pittock at 10:07 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Your me in the paper looks a little like Piers Morgan the ex-tabloid editor. I forget which 'Comic' he worked for, not something I would read anyway.

Congratulations on the press coverage. I couldn't have put it better myself.

comment by djn1 at 10:10 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

Thanks everyone, being picked up by the Metro was wonderful :-)

YETi: no, not yet ;-)

james: yes, we're better known almost everywhere other than Blackpool ;-)

comment by Brian Ritchie at 11:37 PM (GMT) on 11 August, 2006

He looks a bit like a young Terry Wogan - which would mean that this paper had slipped through a wormhole from an alternative (and happier) universe :-)

comment by Jeremy at 08:05 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2006

incredibly powerful image. great work!