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This is a bit late going up, but I've been snowed under for the last few days, and beyond that I'm too tired to say much more about this one.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
1.07pm on 10/7/06
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
17mm (27mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by kim at 11:40 PM (GMT) on 11 July, 2006

Oooh the pebbles! Love the colour of the pebbles. And that sky looks very menacing.

comment by jgarcía at 11:41 PM (GMT) on 11 July, 2006

I like very much...

Congratulations for the good eye.

comment by [ PIXEL VIKING ] at 11:46 PM (GMT) on 11 July, 2006

Wow, do you have an angle finder or did you dig a big whole before you took the picture :) - It really looks like you're "below" the stones...

comment by nuno f at 12:13 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Another fantastic composition!

The weather there is always menacing like that? Maybe I can send you a bit of the unusualy high temperatures that we are feeling in Portugal. :-)

comment by Arthur at 12:17 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006


comment by lili at 12:28 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006


comment by tetsu at 12:39 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Impressive clouds!

comment by mark at 12:52 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

i love your photos. something about the colours and tone of all of them just pulls me in. one day im going to have to buy a print of one. Either when im out of student debt or when you take a photo i just cannot resist! I think the latter might happen first though!

comment by Ben at 02:19 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

As always, this is a great photo! Love the tone.

Just one question: How the heck do you do it?? ;)

comment by Matt Simpson at 02:41 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Very striking.

How much post work?

comment by Claudi at 03:01 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

I like this one a lot. The rocks, are harsh, and the sky smooth, great contrast.

comment by Tristan at 03:08 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Great contrast - stunning atmosphere.

comment by Jeet at 03:09 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

good composition :)

comment by Jamey at 03:56 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Yoinks. I love shots like this when you process them so tastefully. Great highlight detail without making the image look too murky. Nice one.

comment by Mark at 04:38 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

I wish I knew how you do this.

comment by Louise at 06:56 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Gorgeous... :)

comment by navin harish at 07:05 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

You should sell this picture to Motorola to be used in teh ad of their new phone Motopebl. Very nice shot.

comment by sach1tb at 07:07 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

O oh.. and I would have just passed by the pebbles... or worst, taken a picture from above.. sigh! so cliched.. anyway thanks for the nice POVs everyday

comment by mihai at 08:05 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

lovely! superbe colours! just amazing! so moody...

comment by Jeroen Broeckx at 12:00 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006


comment by Sil at 12:53 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006


One of my favourites (though with you, I get new ones all the time).

As of other news, you inspired me to make my own photoblog. And that inspiration to others is perhaps your greatest gift, in my rarely humble opinion.

comment by Steve W at 01:07 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Wonderful juxtaposition of monochrome, smooth clouds against the colourful textured pebbles. Nice perspective.

comment by Maran at 01:24 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

I like your low angle shots.

comment by derLitograph at 01:43 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

My favourite part are the stones. Beautiful colors. The last few pictures are also very good

comment by Raymond Tse at 01:59 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

A really well composed and processed image. Great tones and textures in the rocks although they are a bit soft (not sharp).

comment by Crumbling Images at 02:24 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

really beautiful shot. The monochromatic clouds really make the colors in the pebbles pop out. I, too, wish I knew how you did this.

comment by Agent Provocateur at 03:22 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Great view. I love color casts in many of your photos. Could you share without going into details what PP do you do?

comment by Ryan at 03:37 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

This picture, more than almost any other you have posted, makes me want to live in the U.K. The warm tones of the rocks work very well with the gray sky.

comment by PlasticTV at 03:39 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Your photos seem to have started a new genre of its own. "Coastal photography" perhaps? If i stare at this picture for a while, the menacing clouds appear to be moving in.

comment by chris at 03:46 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006


comment by Anupam Kamal at 04:34 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Outstanding !! This is one of the reasons I keep coming back to chromasia for more :-)

comment by chiara at 05:30 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Love the contrast between the colorful rocks and the dark sky. Really lovely!

comment by rowell at 08:10 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

The mood of the clouds is quite amazing. great work

comment by Sysagent at 09:01 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

This is nice and atmospheric...

I like the colours you have managed to get out of the image here with the sky and pebbles...

comment by Karl Baumann at 10:00 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Typical chromasia!

comment by djn1 at 10:19 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Thanks everyone :-)

comment by mooch at 11:11 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2006

Great contrast. Interesting tones. Colour versus elements.

comment by noushin at 01:25 AM (GMT) on 13 July, 2006

I like the colors and texture that's going on in the foreground in contrast to soft and fluffy sky.

comment by Manuel Ch at 02:35 AM (GMT) on 13 July, 2006

es posible vivir de la fotografía??

es mi sueño... y akí estoy, en la universidad estudiando ingeniería civil informática... mmm...

tu sitio es mi página de inicio!!

comment by Hennie at 02:19 PM (GMT) on 13 July, 2006

This is fabulous - the mood is oppressive, and the colours are excellent. Another great photo - for which, many thanks!

comment by milou at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 13 July, 2006

Good pebble action. Looks like rain...

comment by Bonav at 01:00 PM (GMT) on 22 July, 2006

Your skies are just great .. the colors of the stones make this even more spectacular. Real nice.