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This is the first of two shots of this section of groyne at the southermost end of Fleetwood beach. Of the two, I'm pretty sure I prefer this one, but Libby's favourite is going up tomorrow: which, if past experience is anything to go by, means that I'll be in a minority of one shortly after the next one goes up ;-)

Oh, and this is definitely one which looks best with the black theme.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.14pm on 18/5/06
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
17mm (27mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by Jan at 06:22 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

That is absolutely amazing. Love the toning. Where the clouds and waves in the same picture at the same time?

comment by shooter at 06:25 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

A very chromasia type of shot, I love this style of shot, perhaps a little ott with PP on the sky but I can forgive that, when as this does it conveys such emotion...

comment by djn1 at 06:28 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Jan: yep, it's a straight shot, other than the toning and big increase in contrast to the sky. As a general rule I never add anything to a shot that wasn't there in the original – for me that would count as cheating (not to say that I think there's anything especially wrong with doing it, it's just not something I do). I occasionally remove or minimise elements that I think are a distraction, but wouldn't be interested in adding a fake sky to a shot.

shooter: you're probably not going to be alone in thinking the sky is overdone, but every now and again I can't resist a totally surreal over-the-top treatment ;-)

comment by Jeremy at 06:34 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

how fierce! what a powerful photo.

comment by andrew at 06:39 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006


comment by Aperture Priority at 06:50 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Love the tones and contrast here, great shot. My only "issue" is the horizon is almost dead center which bothers me for some reason.

comment by emily at 06:53 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

looks like you got quite wet posting this one!
Great shot (as always) :)

comment by Andrew at 06:57 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Wow, what vicious looking weather. Looks liks some good surfing waves out there. I like "surreal over-the-top" shots myself these days. High contrast, high saturation (if in color). Just what my eye seems to be drawn too right now.

comment by pete at 07:25 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

This is abeautiful capture of a turbulent sea, thought the sky is a little overcooked (IMHO). Its phtotgraphically great, but how much does it relate to the scene in front of the camera? I dont want to sound combative, and I love your work, but is this getting too far away from the truth? (subjective I know)

comment by Dan at 07:34 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

great shot, lots of power in this image. feels like an old 50's disaster movie set or something. Really like it.

comment by Sysagent at 08:06 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006


All I can say David.

comment by Paul at 08:08 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

I'm not sure about this, it makes me a little dizzy but the processing is fantastic.

comment by Di at 08:17 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Damn you're good!

I didn't expect to be able to come here daily and be stunned each day.

I love the power in this one.

comment by andrea at 08:24 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

amazing! so dramatic!

comment by Page at 08:27 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Really weird shot. For some reason it feels like a minature. Or even a pinhole shot rather than a 20D. :) Wonderful shot though . . .

comment by Roy at 08:32 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Quite apocalyptic. And a good advertisment for global warming.
I agree with some of the comments about PP but this really needed a sky that intense to balance the foreground sea, which, from my point of view, could have been a bit less bright so that the light source appeared to be those amazing clouds.

comment by Christopher at 08:49 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Wow, this is now one of my favorite shots from you. The contrast in the sky is very powerful and emotional.

comment by Robert at 08:52 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

I like the sky; when I first saw it I thought of an oil painting.

comment by Sunny at 09:07 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

This is the first comment I make though I've been following your site for a while now. But I had an immediate reaction to this photoand had to leave a comment.

The feeling of drowning is really strongly evoked for me. Maybe it is the churning water at the edge of the wood barricade and the color effects. Or the wood barricade itself being swallowed up as the posts move out into the ocean.

Thanks for such a great photo blog to visit every day!!

comment by nuno f at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

What a powerful image! I can even feel the wind and hear the waves. Beautiful shot, David.

comment by Brandon at 09:18 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

I think it works perfectly. The mood is so...stormy. Tempestuous. I also don't think there's any problem with the post work you did. The whole "truth" concept is a bit of a myth, isn't it? The moment you frame a shot, you're applying your aesthetic prerogative to reality and creating your version of the truth. It's all just a matter of degrees.

comment by Sean at 09:35 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

The sky certainly isn't overdone, if you ask me. I think it adds to the overall ominous feel of the image.

comment by Jon Rouston at 10:19 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Just, stunning.

comment by Roberto at 10:23 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Bellissima! (I'm an Italian)

Wonderful image....

comment by chiara at 10:37 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

Dramatic and beautiful.

comment by Abel at 10:44 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

I have not written here before, but I have been checking your work for a long time and I think it is just amazing!

I personally like a lot the picture from today, and I actually like that you have overdone the sky a bit, it´s like if through it you can feel what the sky is capable of when bad weather comes.

Simply beautiful!

comment by owen-b at 10:46 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

I also don't think there's anything wrong with photographic processing that moves away from 'the truth' and heads in a wholly subjective, dramatic direction (although my preference and rule is also never to put something in there that wasn't physically there in the first place).

As such, I personally love this! Overly dramatic skies are great :)

comment by Jamey at 11:25 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2006

The sky looks like it has it's own vignette, seperate from the land. If you look along the horizon, you can see what I mean. Did you do a tight mask on the sky or a gradient/feathered one, out of interest?

I too can't resist a dramatic sky once in a while but so far I haven't got it quite right with the balance between sky and ground, unfortunately... Although the mistakes I made on this one kind of worked, IMO. Least I thought they did. Mistakes can sometimes be good, or that's my excuse anyway.

comment by cy at 01:29 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

this is a fabulous shot. you have really captured almost every grey imaginable. i can see how one would loook forward to visiting this place. there is so much emotion in this shot, really sort of feels like the calm in the eye of a storm. great find!

comment by andres at 01:53 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

a little bit over done for me, but i like the darkness and the atmosphere

comment by tristan at 01:56 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

this is my favorite shot of yours in a while - arresting

comment by Mike at 03:03 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Very intense. These type of shots are the reason I keep coming back.

comment by bjorn at 03:32 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

definitely not one of your better shots, not "crispy" (for lack of a better word) as your usual work but blurry and unsharp

comment by Tara at 04:03 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

I too visit your site daily to see what is here- I have never written before, but this is by far my favorite image yet. Just want you to know how remarkable your images are to me- and yes, this one, I had to post my appreciation. Thank you for this stunning photo!

comment by justin at 05:22 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

simply put it is over processed. wheather your "fans" want ot admit it or not, this one is "over cooked" as are many, of late.

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 05:39 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Very interesting. Don't know if I agree with the toning color, but still interesting. Would be interesting to see the original...

comment by ShadZee at 05:57 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Just a fantastic Black & White. I love the white foam vs. clouds contrast.

comment by Navin Harish at 06:25 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

This looks scary to me.

comment by flying cow at 07:16 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

what a powerful sky.

comment by peter at 07:21 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Beautiful drama. I love it when the waves come crashing in and the sky is dark and heavy. Definitely my kind of shot. Looking forward to seeing the nex one.

comment by Vincent at 07:23 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

This image reflects so well the density of a nothern sea, with heavy swell and and a blocked horizon. I like the textured foreground in opposition to the more blured sky.
It reminds me of all the time I spent watching the sea when I was a kid growing in le Havre (normandie frenchcoast).
Thank you for such a great shot speaking to my own memories.

comment by mihai at 07:52 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Nothing more to add...amazing, great tones of colours, very inspiring photo

to start a work day

comment by Karl Baumann at 07:59 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

You can feel the power of nature.

comment by Easa at 08:08 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

wonderfull clouds n perfect shot !!

comment by SteveO at 09:07 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Cool, i love the "over the top" look. Not sure i would have chosen the green to tone it, but it certainly seems to work.

comment by Kate at 09:51 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

I love this.

The whole apocalyptic feel (as commented on by someone else above) is a bit remniscient of some of the imagery from The NeverEnding Story - doesn't that look just like The Nothing rolling in towards us?


comment by [mrc] at 09:53 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Hi Dave, I'm usually a silent visitor, but you have to know that I come to visit almost everyday, I think your work is great.

I've always noticed a great sharpness in your pics, in some plastic sense (it's particularly evident on your portraits, expecially on those from the Gay Pride Parade). Does it depends on your camera (lens, megapixels amount or ISO settings) or it is the result of some post-processing procedure? My D70 doesn't seem to be able to get pics so sharp/plastic/vivid by itself. Thanks for sharing your work, Dave.

comment by Ellie at 10:51 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Really powerful photo, i love it. Amazing tonal range.

comment by mihai at 11:01 AM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

me again... on black it really blows ur mind...i can`t help it, awesome works

comment by PlasticTV at 03:37 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Such a melancholic shot...

comment by JELIEL3 at 03:41 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Just incredible work (again)

comment by Dutch PhotoDay at 04:34 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

So dramatic, this is a great shot!

comment by lee at 04:41 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Excellent picture, great sky maybe a bit overdone but i think it works well with the whole image makes it even more dramatic

comment by djn1 at 05:47 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2006

Thanks everyone.

comment by Lud@ at 02:33 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2006

It got me for first look!!! When I saw it first time, I was just looking, in second just thinking about that picture :D ....What brutal power of sea is mixing here with beutiful sky which is impliesing that something is coming and you can't do anything with that, because it's nature! In moments like this, it's good that there are people like you, who can eternize this moments!!!

(sorry for mistakes ;-) )

comment by pierre at 09:56 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2006


comment by harkpabst_meliantrop at 12:58 PM (GMT) on 30 May, 2006

I agree with shooter: A very chromasia type of shot in the very best sence. Having said that, I should point out that it really stands out for me. So let me refine my rating to one great picture, even by chromasia standards.

comment by m at 01:06 PM (GMT) on 30 May, 2006

Would have chosen this one but the sky and sea seem as from different images, it improves in the black theme but.....