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This is the first of two similar shots of this section of one of the groynes on Fleetwood beach. This one, for me at least, is about composition and texture, whereas tomorrow's (which is taken at a slightly wider angle) is more to do with mood and context. Both are quite flat, but this reflects the conditions at the time – very bright, but uniformly overcast, with the light seeming to hang in the air.

John has also posted a version of this scene too.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.21pm on 14/5/06
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
22mm (35mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + fylde coast [scenic] + photography for airports
comment by CurlyToes at 08:09 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Interesting you say this is about composition, as it doesn't do much for me, I'm sorry :) But I like the textures and the shapes made by the sand against the wood. I like the colour processing too.

comment by differenttastesofhoney at 08:12 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

What I like best about this shot is the smoothness of the sky compared with the sharpness of texture. All closed in monochromatic between blues and cyans - really nice shot:-)

comment by Carol at 08:22 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Hi David. I wanted to say a belated happy birthday to Libby and my best wishes for this next year. I'm very pleased that she's feeling better. And I also wanted to thank you for your continuing daily "share" or contribution - I think i'm addicted!

comment by Paul at 08:24 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Ok, 2 for 2...I can't ait for tommorrows shot and it'll be a hattrick!

comment by Jennifer at 08:27 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Wonderful - I much prefer this to yesterday's - though not quite sure why. Perhaps it's a little less disturbing - if that makes sense.

comment by coxcorns at 08:44 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Mais tes photos sont extremment retouchées ou quoi?

comment by Andrew at 08:57 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

I definitely liked yesterdays shot more. This shot is a little too flat looking for my liking. However I think this would be one of those shots that would look printed translucent and back-lit. It would glow nicely.

comment by mooch at 08:58 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

A crop per chance? I like the overall tone, not sure about the blank sky. Am I right in the presumption that were this not converted it would be a blank sky of uniform white? I hate shooting in the British climate. That blanket cloud cover I find difficult to manage. Any tips, I can only think of a graduate nd filter but upon saying that nothing seems to combat this.

comment by RensNL at 08:59 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

i like the color!

comment by Sean at 09:16 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

I really like the somber feel of this one. Nice tones.

comment by Ben at 09:21 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Very nice post-processing, I like the tone.
& a quick question: How do you add a vignette to your photos?

comment by djn1 at 09:36 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Ben: I normally use a masked curve. Draw a selection a small way in from the border, invert the selection, feather it by 200-250px, then use a Curve to adjust the selected area.

comment by ojorojo at 09:40 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

I like the picture. It is plain but I like it. In Lima, Peru, we have to deal with a dull white sky from April to November even though it never rains...! It gets very boring but one learns to shoot avoiding skies. Impossible to combat. Did you apply vignetting or some kind of gradient tool to make the sky look darker?

comment by chiara at 09:54 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Simple and nice. I always like the tones you choose for your pictures. The colors always seems to fit perfectly with the images.

comment by Jamey at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Nice shot. Just looked at John's version and the colours on his really interest me but there's something about the vignetting on yours that seems really peaceful. Normally vignettes add a bit of moodiness, at least that's how I tend to use them, but here it makes the shot seem much more serene and balanced.

And another quick question - do you tend to do mono shots as duo/tri/quadtones or do you have another means which is perhaps quicker or better? Or does it depend entirely on the shot and/or how you feel that day?

comment by pk at 10:00 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Nice shot. I have been visiting your site for couple of months and I have liked all of your shots. I am also inspired by your dedication. I would also like to wish speedy recovery to your wife. I also have a question on your workflow and what do you keep in mind while saving images for web. Do you go with a fixed pixel width or ?

Thank you,

comment by djn1 at 10:08 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

Jamey: occassionaly I use Hue/Saturation to tone an image, but more often than not I use a Curve.

pk: I have a set of sizes that I use for different aspect ratios: 800px wide for 3x2 images, 700 for 4x3, 900 for 2x1 and 700 for square images.

comment by ale at 11:09 PM (GMT) on 15 May, 2006

...same place, different view (John Washington), I prefer this one!

comment by ps at 12:28 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

I think that the second one is better :D (yes, yes i did it again :P)

comment by djn1 at 12:43 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

ps: you're a cheat - I've changed the file name ;-)

comment by San Sebastian at 01:11 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

Great post process , beutifull final work

comment by navin harish at 02:47 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

So you are back to the same treatment of images. A fe weeks ago you posted a lot of images with similar tints of greens. Looks nice. I'd have liked to see the coloured version of this shot too.

comment by DeWaun at 04:57 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

such a cool feeling. the lighting and hues are fabulous. This is fine art photography.

comment by rhys at 06:40 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

ahh! I wondered what had happened to your 'photography for airports' stuff. nice stuff.

comment by bruno at 06:58 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

looks like a beautiful wall-poster you can buy in the store. but what i like moste on this one is this great aqua tone you use here :) take care

comment by Sysagent at 09:19 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

Lovely colour and shade to it...
The one thing that puts me off the shot though is the missing end of the wooden object on the right of the picture, it just doesn't look "complete" to me.

comment by ps at 11:15 AM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

djn1: don't worry, that's just my ordinary occupation :-) a cheat? don't put it that way.

comment by derLitograph at 12:13 PM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

The wood grain is a little bit to slight for me...but the two colored version is good. Like the color

comment by jane at 12:21 PM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

Nice cool tones.

comment by Paul Courtney at 12:45 PM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

Hi Dave,
Great colour tones here again, however, my only concern is that the groyne does not run horizontally. It reminds me of your 'rusty pole' shot from a while back which gave me the same feeling. Strangely off-putting. Like Rhys I had been wondering about your 'Photography for Airports' series after your stunning opener, this one is not quite in that class, but if it was horizontal maybe it could be!

comment by djn1 at 03:06 PM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

Sysagent: as you'll see from the shot I put up later today the wooden object you refer to continues quite a way down the beach; i.e. I couldn't include it in the shot.

ps: my comment was meant to be humorous - apologies for any offence.

Paul: the groyne actually runs slightly downhill - from top-left to bottom-right - so in this shot it's slanted in the wrong direction. You might be right though, a horizontal orientation might have worked better.

comment by javga at 04:38 PM (GMT) on 16 May, 2006

I like the color(s) and, like mentioned before, the differences in texture. Your work is very good Chromo! I always want to ad slogans in it. Great campain shots.

comment by Caryn at 11:25 PM (GMT) on 18 May, 2006

Wonderful color wash. Like it much better than the following day's.