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This one was taken about 10 minutes after yesterday's shot, and my apologies for yet more archive revisiting (or 'raiding' if you prefer) but I don't have a lot of material at the moment as I can't seem to get rid of this cold. I was off work all last week but was starting to feel a bit livelier over the weekend, and even went out for an hour or so yesterday, but today I feel totally wiped out again. Anyway, I have a couple of new shots that I'll put up over the coming days, but don't expect any miraculous images this week.

As for this one: it's not particularly striking, but I was caught by his expression ... as he watched me, as I watched him.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.36pm on 24/9/05
Canon 20D
EF 70-200 f/4L USM
118mm (189mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + people
comment by EssPea Photography at 05:58 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

He looks mighty angry! Nice shot!

comment by Chek at 06:01 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Intense. He looked pissed, were u guys having a staring contest?

comment by jessica at 06:25 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

this is actually very striking. the gaze is so compelling.

comment by Robert at 06:32 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Great expression in the in the eyes, were they dodged a little?

He looks like he's set in the 70's, getting ready to board a plane out of Morrocco, heading back to the California carrying contraband in a Hollywood action movie.

comment by Tom from (p h o t o w a l l s) at 06:46 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Were you scared, David? :-) He doesn' look really very friendly :-) Great shot. You caught the expression on his face. You caught THE moment.

comment by GeckoZ at 06:57 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

I would be scared and moved away as if i was trying to shoot other stuff. i like your bravery, that's how a photographer and produce good works that others can't!

comment by Mark at 07:01 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Very nice shot. I'm particularly fond of people shots, so I really like this one. I get quite a wide range of expressions from people I photograph and ones like you've displayed today.

"He looks like he's set in the 70's, getting ready to board a plane out of Morrocco, heading back to the California carrying contraband in a Hollywood action movie."

Ok, I'm a native Californian and I've never been to Morrocco and carried contraband back! I did however grow up in the 70's. I thought this statement was funny. There are so many perceptions of California, especially the Bay Area.

Anyway David, hope you dump that bug that's been plaguing you over the past few weeks. Stay away from those contraband folks until you feel better! ;-)

comment by samcam at 07:04 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Looks like he did not like you taking a picture of him... anyway, nice shot David!

comment by What The Heck Journal at 07:32 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Really cool and moody portrait. I really like his expression.
- Martin

comment by m at 07:48 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

I guess with a haircut and beard like that I'd have that expression if you'd pointed a camera at me ;-)

comment by Willard at 08:16 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Love it!

comment by John Washington at 08:18 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

He lookes like an annoyed x rock start. Nice photo

comment by JD at 09:01 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

quite a paparazzi photo...
At first I was fooled by the crop, thinking that you was pretty close to the guy, but on reading the exif, its all a bit clearer

Very shifty eyes!

Hope you cold gets better.

comment by LWilkins at 09:21 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Nice photo. I'm not so sure about the angry expression everyone is speaking of however. I wonder what this would look like with a bit more contrast?

comment by Jeremy Charles Photofolio at 09:33 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

he thinks you are undercover. he quickened his step, ducked down an alley and hurriedly delivered the 5 kilo order of heroin...

comment by mpower at 09:34 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Luke - You think he'd look happier with more contrast then? I'm guessing he'd look even angrier ;-)

comment by garyx at 10:01 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Looks like somebody out of '24'. Good luck with that cold, it took me a month to shift mine.

comment by RensNL at 10:06 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

nice shot.. he sure noticed you..

comment by Mike Abbott at 10:18 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

Very compelling expression.
What happened next... ?

comment by Bob at 10:58 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

No, wait! I've seen this paparazzi shot on the cover of The Gazette some time back. I'm thinking it was accompanying an interview with Val Kilmer on the set of Wonderland, or maybe it's a haggard Barry Gibb, after an all-night disco revival at the Tower Ballroom. Hmm. I just can't remember which. David?

comment by Mike Dougan at 11:19 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

His expression makes this shot.

A Scottish cold cure, a double house measure of Whisky, add boiling water (twice the amount of the whisky) and add lot's of sugar (4 or 5 tablespoons). Dink it while quickly and while it is hot and get straight to bed.

comment by Matthew Greco at 11:45 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

there's something strange about his eyes in this shot.

comment by Ashish Sidapara at 11:54 PM (GMT) on 19 March, 2006

He has got a fierce look there, i would have certainly stepped back .. nice shot David!

comment by Lee at 12:19 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

I fear if I tried street photography I might choose the wrong person and end up with my camera in pieces on the floor! Nice shot - love the expression on his face!

comment by deji77 at 12:50 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

me bones shiver! i quite agree with Lee. uv got guts! or as my friend puts it: the gift of the garb.

comment by LWilkins at 02:08 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

Haha, no I'm sorry mpower. I did not mean for it to sound like I meant the contrast would make it happier. I just meant I saw it as a caught-off-gaurd look.

comment by parella at 04:44 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

intriguing portrait

comment by RD at 05:51 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

Did you snap and run for your life? I don't think I'd want to accidentally bump him, let alone take his picture. But it's a great image--he's a handsome guy, inspite of the frown.

comment by brett admire at 06:59 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

What goes through your head when you attempt to point your camera at someone? and then get a look like this to top it off..

comment by patrick at 09:21 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

please read my lips : I said "NO PHOTOS !"

comment by lee at 10:00 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

I much prefer your portraits to your other stuff.

comment by ROB at 10:51 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

Definitely a not happy to be having a candit photo captured. B+W is perfect for this, adds to the feeling in the shot.

comment by kim at 10:56 AM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

I agree with what JD said, it looks exactly like a paparazzi shot. If he saw you taking the picture didn't he say anything? He looks like he would want to know what you were doing!
Hope you feel better soon.

comment by Jasp at 12:36 PM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

Risky business photography...he looks more guilty than angry I think

comment by istoica at 03:29 PM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

this is so cinematic....excellent tones.

comment by Ellie at 04:56 PM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

I like the cropping, and love his intense glare.

comment by pierre at 04:58 PM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

Intense stare..
Good luck with your cold

comment by djn1 at 06:08 PM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

Thanks everyone. As for what happened next: nothing, at least nothing dramatic. He looked at me as he walked past, and then he was gone.

comment by Fouad at 07:26 PM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

looks like a scene from Jesus of Nazareth, modern version of course :)

comment by Alastair Bryce at 07:38 PM (GMT) on 20 March, 2006

The choice of b/w is good - the subject really lends itself well for that. I kinda wish he was off-centre though - the photo feels kinds akwardly split in two because of it...

comment by John at 12:00 PM (GMT) on 21 March, 2006

Perfect image for black and white. And you've caught an dramatic expression in the face.

comment by smo at 01:08 PM (GMT) on 21 March, 2006

I like this picture a lot. The cropping really works for me, it could be a scene out of a late 70ies movie. Thanks for sharing.

comment by jezblog.com at 05:08 PM (GMT) on 21 March, 2006

you could be there to catch the moment when the philosophy lecturer from Hackney FE loses it ........might make a good shot except it looks like you are about to be the target.......

comment by Don Flores at 06:11 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2006

just wondering about some of your people shots, my fiance is very intent on staying away from me taking pictures of people in random places because of it being weird or wrong. shes pretty paranoid. She only will take shots of people if they sign a model release. I'm just curious but you didn't happen to ask his permission to let you put this picture on your blog did you? What is your 'schpeel' on this subject?

As for me I feel pretty ok taking peoples picture as im walking/driving down the street, I just like to capture that random/natural unknown stranger type photograph, its even better when they spot you taking the picture.