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I don't have a great deal to say about this one other than that it's a straight shot and that the tortured structure you can see reflected in the metalwork is the Pepsi Max rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
3.14pm on 5/3/06
Canon 20D
EF 70-200 f/4L USM
104mm (166mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + reflections [metal] + abstract + fylde coast
comment by jAMIE at 08:36 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

WOW! Paradise :-)

comment by Gavin at 08:52 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

Incredible. Colours, shapes. All works so well.

comment by Tomasz from p h o t o w a l l s at 09:21 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

Very nice! Special mixture of everything: lights, shapes, reflections... Impressive.

comment by m at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006


comment by jurek at 09:37 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

was this one photoshopped at any kind ?

comment by djn1 at 09:47 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

jurek: yes, but only in terms of adjusting the contrast and saturation.

comment by oldshutterhand at 09:56 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

I love views like that. Artpiece!!

comment by Erik at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

Best photo you've presented in a while! Very nice!


comment by mark at 10:27 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

It reminds me of the film Scarface - the Brian de Palma version, not the original ;-) - Probably because of the 80's style of the sign (right down to that slash of pink) and the whole golden glow to it....Miami...Blackpool...bit of a difference eh - or maybe not, I've never been to Miami. I think the twisted reflection of the rollercoaster is great and the streaks of rust are a favourite element.

comment by rambohoho at 10:56 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

can't understand picture.

comment by david at 11:11 PM (GMT) on 5 March, 2006

Very creative shot! well done.

comment by Amy at 12:07 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

This one is really pretty.
Love the colors and the complicated metalwork(?) I like the title as well.
Really nice!

comment by kim at 12:16 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Most people would just never see to take a shot like this. Brilliant.

comment by Bob at 01:13 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Brilliant indeed. Wonderful image...everything about it. It works on SO many levels, especially for those familiar with its namesake. This one could easily constitute an essay. Thanks for adding to an already lovely Sunday, David. Cheers!

comment by pfong at 01:38 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Wow. Outsanding straight shot. Well seen indeed.

comment by Ashish Sidapara at 03:15 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Nice vivid shot.

comment by Navin Harish at 05:42 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Great shot. The colours are beautiful.

comment by jeremy parker at 07:01 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Wow! Great minds think alike! I have a very similar image here:


comment by Louise at 07:28 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Wonderful, I like it a lot. It looks like some glass work.

comment by Dutch PhotoDay at 08:08 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

The colours and rusty metal work are great!

comment by Alex at 08:35 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

^ dud link

nice photo

comment by garyx at 08:48 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

The more I see of these types of shots, the more I like them, and you have a good one here.

comment by JD at 10:10 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Jeremy's links should be:

Anyway, its a really interesting picture, I mentioned on one of my recent posts that I think you do some of if not the best reflective shots in the photoblog community.

This only backs up my theory, great colours, saturation and warming composition.

comment by bruno at 10:53 AM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

great. like color explosion and it may be like paradise.

comment by Ellie at 12:36 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

I love the idea.... the roller coaster reflected with the word 'paradise', the irony you tried to achieve was an amazing idea. just somewhere between concieving the idea and posting it, it didnt work. thats just my humble opinion.

comment by Mark at 02:11 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Ellie - wouldn't that depend on what you perceive Dave's idea to be? Bit of a sweeping comment that one..

comment by djn1 at 07:53 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

Thanks everyone.

Jeremy/JD: thanks for the link, and yep, that's pretty similar.

Ellie: I'm not sure I understand your comment: what doesn't work? Or, perhaps a better way of putting it: what is you think I intended that doesn't work?

comment by Katie at 09:20 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

This is amazing! I love the reflection, the colors, everything! I had to do a double take to figure out how it was a photograph and I love being kept on my toes like that. :)

comment by prasoon at 10:18 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2006

one word for this - stunning !!

comment by patrick at 09:45 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2006

The hell is always near the paradise, or perhaps, the hell is just a reflection of the paradise...
or reverse...
I will think about that...

comment by mat at 08:22 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2006

great work.