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Apologies for the lateness of today's entry but we got some new mobile phones today and have been having all sorts of fun with bluetooth and attempting to set them up to run on OS X – it's not been pretty.

Anyway, here's today's entry, albeit a bit late, and it's one that I'm particularly pleased with.

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
4.03pm on 17/2/06
Canon 20D
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + Blackpool Tower + fylde coast + urban
comment by dj_evil at 10:17 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

Very nice colors, well done, but there is something is missing i think, i dont know what but there is.

Did you fix the blur in PS?

comment by djn1 at 10:20 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

dj_evil: do you mean did I _add_ the blur in PS? If so, no, I didn't. Other than some colour correction this is a straight shot.

comment by Jide at 10:25 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

Nice water reflection.

For the canon users....30D is out. A bit of a dissapointment I think
Read on.

comment by John at 10:26 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

A superb image taken from a perspective that many would simply not see. Too tired to expand on this (for once) but when I'm fresh tommorow I might try and elaborate


comment by Graeme at 10:26 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

John, I am fasinated by this pic especially given the shutter speed and the blur. I really like everything about it from the angle tilt through to the blur. Nice stuff. Oh and posting late means that those thatappreciate from the otherside of the world (Australia) get to comment 1st, all good for us.

comment by Aperture Priority (Wyllys) at 10:28 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

It took me a bit to figure out that it was a reflection in a puddle. Nice work, I like the ones that make me twist my head and think for a second.

comment by Iain at 10:34 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

oh wow, didn't realise it was a puddle reflection until that last comment. Looks like a wave or something is coming up the street. It has an epic and immediate feel to it.

comment by VelviaPix...feeling of color at 10:44 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

Yes Dave, this one is nice, especially the tone and sense of motion.
And sorry for getting off the subject, but I have recently started shooting in RAW with my 20d, but I am not sure if I am taking full advantage of it, mainly b/c I have been opening in RAW, adjusting as needed, and then converting to 8-bit (jpg) which makes me think it voids the colour changes I've done. May I ask what is your preferred conversion process? (if anyone else wants to help this confused soul: velviapix@gmail.com)
I have read some edit in RAW, then convert to TIFF and save or print, and to JPG only as a final step for archiving or web usage. Should that be better?

Thanks in advance.
VelviaPix...feeling of color.

comment by Renato at 10:46 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

Nice shot Dave!

I normally don't post anything just look, but I must say that you have been tremendous inspiration!!!

comment by Richard at 10:56 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

A great shot, good angle, nice colour and rich lighting. I like the scafolding, homage to the many years the tower was covered.

comment by Benjamin Riley at 11:02 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

this is an interesting perspective. the lens blur looks like the picture was taken with a LensBaby 2.0 with the shaprness in the bottom right and fading into blur. great color and angle

comment by Viking at 11:03 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006


comment by JD at 11:04 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

very nice, Ive not been on the site for a few days (HDD failure)

I really want to start working with refections but have just moved to linux and its hindering my photoblogging at the moment (im using GIMP and don't have a RAW converter)

Anyway great composition, did you rotate it? and I know its a 2x1 crop but why? and hows much of the image did you lose if you don't mind me asking :)

comment by Patrick at 11:19 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

Fantastic DOF and saturation. Through a little tilted cropping in there and viola! This shot is very haunting, almost as if it's from an eire model train set.

comment by Gregg at 11:22 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

Great shot. My first inclination was that this was a "brilliant mistake", taken through the front window of a car. The shutter speed of this shot suggests that maybe the reflection was in water that was moving. Were you actually standing in the ocean?

comment by mark at 11:25 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006

I'm with Iain...my immediate thought was a wave coming up the street. This is fantastic, the proximity of the scaffolding being right next to the tower makes it for me...well, along with the blur, the colour, the reflection off the windows, the strangely out of place blue bit at the bottom of the tower and the that little scrap of red bottom right....but apart from that.....*breathe*

What have the Romans ever done for us?

(Sorry Dave, couldn't resist...by the time I got to the end of my comment it seemed suitable ;-)...)

comment by Ashish Sidapara at 11:55 PM (GMT) on 21 February, 2006


comment by RyanT at 12:11 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Nicely done , I feel like I'm in a dream. The color and contrast is great.

comment by Craig at 01:07 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Very dream like . I like the feel of the colors.

comment by laanba at 01:33 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Phone comment. I'm surprised you are having problems with Bluetooth and OS X. I bought a new phone in November and it got along with OS X right away. Are you trying to do something unusual with it?

comment by alan at 02:06 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Superb is the only word to describe!

comment by seriocomic at 02:28 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Sorry this one doesn't do anything for me. I like the tones, but the angle and the blur makes it hard to appreciate any of the detail.

comment by Brian Cavalier at 02:43 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Wow. I totally wouldn't have guessed that this was a reflection in a puzzle. Looks more or less like a painting that has been slightly blurred on purpose.

Bravisimo. I can't wait to see more.

comment by Tristan -AVisualJournal.com at 04:39 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

i feel that a tilt shift lens is in your future.

comment by Bob at 05:17 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006


Yesterday's shot of Margaret was an emotional dessert. The closed eyes of Hendrix and his lips on her shoulders, along with her styllish maturity and the directness of her gaze made me feel lucky to experience such a graphic treat. Thank you for that, as I wasn't able to comment on the image at that time.

This, on the other hand, is very static--with the perfect horizontal lines and symmetrical large white areas on both sides. You are simply presenting an already strong image that the artist created and deserves most of the credit for, but bringing little of your own emotion of the confrontation of that image to the table. If your intent is to document the wonderful graffiti, then bravo.

One possible example of what I mean is, if this were rotated 25 degrees and enlarged to 155 percent it would have much more impact and represent a more unique view than straight on; the difference between documentary and editorial. See if you agree.

comment by Carter Rose at 05:37 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006


comment by Bob at 05:52 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Sorry folks for the preceding comments which, no doubt, you will find totally confusing. As most of you may know, David and John often shoot together, and I have the habit of having both of their images open in different windows at once every day to marvel at their abilities. I usually refrain from commenting, as I mostly have nothing constructive to add except to pile on additional praise. Today, I thought I was giving some rare comments to John, but actually had David's window frontmost. Needless to say, I'm sufficiently embarrassed. I apologize to voth you and David for the confusion. Now returning you to your normal program...

comment by Navin Harish at 06:09 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

This clearly is my favourite one among the pictures you have posted in the recent past

comment by Marcelo at 07:06 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Very cool perspective and definitely something you don't see everyday. I was confused at first, but eventually understood what was going on. Great shot!

-Marcelo Vilares
A Portraif of Life

comment by Ash at 07:30 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

looks good to me...nice perspective

comment by Mike at 08:17 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

I couldn't work out the foreground object at all until others pointed out that is a reflection in a puddle. Presumably you've presented it vertically flipped compared to the original? Amazing work!

comment by owen at 09:06 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Dave, I think this has to be one of my favourites of yours for some time. I was just thinking the other day that you hadn't posted a long shot of the tower for a while. I love the angle and the blurriness. Great stuff.

comment by David [mondaymorningphoto.com] at 09:10 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

David, how do you do it? I didn't see what you'd done here (partly because it's a dull wet morning and my eyes haven't fully opened yet, partly because I'd never think you could get such a good shot in this way)... you've taken what everyone else would see as a normal scene and twisted it around to get something well worth looking at and thinking about for a moment. Had I a hat, it would be off to you sir! :-)

Take it easy,

comment by Fantom Poet at 09:14 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

A great shot at first I didn't catch on this was a reflection. Even now the first word which enters my mind when looking at the image is Tsunami. A great shot I can see why your pleased with it Davis.

comment by Geoff at 09:55 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Dave. This is absolutely outstanding. Your best shot in weeks, if not months. For once words fail me, and I simply take my hat off to you. Awesome work. You are an inspiration.

comment by Jasmine at 01:04 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

I thought I was seeing a weird snow bank against glass or something. (Seeing snow, rather than water, reveals my Canadian perspective). Far less perplexing now that I understand it's a reflection. I still can't quite see it. More work than wow. Colours are wonderful though.

comment by Sebastian at 02:18 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

This one is definately an inspiratinon to me as well! I need to get out there and shoot for a while AND THEN come back and look at what everyone else has done. Thanks Chromasia!

comment by asdf at 05:15 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

I want to see your children again... all of them (please?)

comment by windows at 05:17 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Based on your past photos, I infer that you are more of an contemporary life photographer - is that correct?

comment by Ellie at 05:29 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

I actually thought it was snow down the street, is this really in a puddle? it confuses me! I love the perspective of this, you inspire us all to look in places we would usually pass by for the opportunity of an amazing photo. The blur is making me search for somewhere that is in focus... but other than that i absolutely love this shot.

comment by Croz at 06:04 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

For me this is an inverted puddle shot.. I don't really like the tilt and the image is cluttered and the extreme left and right of frame do nothing to enhance the image. I would have liked this much more if it had been cropped tighter.. top right corner just near the chimney stack, left of frame just near or after the white alarm box... There's so much potential in this image and the concept of Blackpool just after the rain is dear to my heart as an ex-pat Mancunian living in Germany.

comment by djn1 at 09:37 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Thanks everyone, and yes, this is an inverted image of a reflection.

comment by Gary at 10:01 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

excellent Dave, and once again I learn something new by visiting your site, and once again I'm a day behind as I'm getting that "hotlinking" message again...:)

comment by Robin Betts at 11:10 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

Faaantastic, Coloration, abberation make it a kind of weird take on the seaside souvenir postcard.

comment by Sharla at 11:22 PM (GMT) on 22 February, 2006

I first viewed this shot many hours ago and was compelled to comment but so many others had relayed many of the same points and observations that conveying my impressions lost their immediacy. However, none of my impressions have been deminished nor do I think they will be for a long, long time.

This is among my top-10 for you - maybe higher but why quibble?

I like the tilt, the varied textures, the coordinated colors and warmth, the many areas with study potential, the human-built objects without the annoyance of the builders present, and there's that crop again!

What bumps this image to the next level is the movie-set "wave," the seeminly inexplicable tilted focal plane with a standard lens, and the helter-skelter happenings.

Most all is revealed by deeper examination (and standing on your head) but the image still holds its own.

And it will continue to hold its own until the day that c h r o m a s i a retires.

comment by eterisk at 03:17 PM (GMT) on 23 February, 2006

A great idea with this composition.

comment by Mike at 08:59 PM (GMT) on 24 February, 2006

very cool shot

comment by Gustav at 09:30 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2006

with all due respect, I don't quite get it.