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A year ago, I don't think I would have put this up as i) it's not particularly different to yesterday's shot, and ii) it's somewhat more drab than my usual material, but I'm increasingly finding myself drawn to this type of shot: partially abstract, muted colours, textured and so on. That said, I do realise that I have an audience with expectations that might not be met by this image, so tomorrow's is more in line with my previous stuff ;-)

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
11.53pm on 18/12/05
Canon 20D
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + urban
comment by charlie at 08:46 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

Superb and progressive symmetry.
Very enjoyable focus perspective.

comment by RustyJ at 08:56 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

Hey...I was trying to leave a comment on the previous pic when I had to shut down. Come back and I think what the?... I like the previous one better.

comment by djn1 at 09:03 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

RustyJ: in many ways I like the previous one better too. I guess that part of my thinking in putting this one up as well is that I think they complement one another.

comment by Sharla at 10:26 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

I think most will prefer the previous but this one does well as an extension of it. The first thought might be, "Now where did that bulb go?"

As as exploration of new paths, I'm very much looking forward to following where your camera and eye may lead!

comment by djn1 at 10:38 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

Thanks Sharla.

comment by bmoll at 10:58 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

Despite the mystery of the absent bulb, I don't find this photo interesting, sorry. But I think the postprocessing is fine (the colours, shades of black on the wood). Looking forward for tommorow's :)

comment by trob at 11:07 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

I agree the pictures work together, though I think posting them together would have made a much more powerful connection.

comment by Bai Guang at 11:33 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

What an "interesting" photo.

I think that this photo actually symbolizes something, don't you think? This symbolizes human beings in general, living everyday through ignorant lives. The human are hoplessly flawed, though are always trying in desperation to conceal it. There's like those cracks on the painted wood. No matter how people have painted their faces and hid behind the paint, some cracks always show through. However, at the same time, purity and kindess leaks out as well, such as the white. Were you thinking about symbolism after you took this picture. Also, that black knob reminded me of a doorknob without a key, which is why it looks so hallow. Behind the door is perfection and paradise, which no one will get to without the key.

comment by Maddox at 11:46 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2005

I like how it makes me question what it is. The white plays well with the red, and that small patch of rust(?). More mysterious than the previous one.

comment by RustyJ at 12:16 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

You wrote it very well Sharla.

My original comment sounded kind of precocious. I'm not really. Honest! ;-) I mean I do like untitled #0010 better but I also agree one does/can lead to the other.

And...where did that bulb go??

comment by Steve Korn at 12:21 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

I like how my eye is drawn back and forth between the empty socket in the foreground which is in focus and the out of focus bulb in the back. By the way, I just stumbled onto your site the other day and am just blown away by the quality of your work.


comment by Viking at 01:59 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

I love the simplicity of the colors in this shot. Black white and red. I like it better than yesterday's too.

comment by Rob at 02:07 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

I have complimented you enough to be comfortable saying I am not crazy about this one. I guess it is not abstract enough for me to be a winner in that category and it otherwise is a photo of nothing in particular. As yesterday the control of DOF is good and I do like the desaturated colors like yesterday. Now before everyone jumps all over me telling me a good photo does not have to be of something in particular I will leave and pour myself another glass of scotch and await the deluge. Looking forward to tomorrow :-)

comment by Matthew at 03:35 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

I don't want to downplay your work - but what you have as an audience is a large group of people who will love anything you do. no matter what the quality. You've built up a fan base and can now show really crappy and boring images that will still please. This shot is very primary... Simple depth of field, and very weak composition. Colours are nice though.
You have a good collection of work here - but don't let your popularity stop you from showing good images. You wouldn't have shown this 1 year ago because 1 year ago, you didn't have this much support.

comment by nemi black at 08:49 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Bai Guang...are you serious?!!!
None of what you said was going through David's head when he took this picture.
If he tells you otherwise he's lying!

Nice pic though ; )

comment by Geoff at 09:14 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Bai Guang, can I have some of whatever you've been smoking :)))

Dave, I'm quietly confident you will not start pandering to your "fan base". And thank Dog for that. If you didn't keep growing as a photographer, I would lose interest rather quickly. Your journey has been a wonderous thing to watch, and I trust it will continue unabated, even if it does lead to less "fertile" territory in terms of popularity. Heaven forbid if Chromasia ends up addicted to popularity or web-click advertising revenue :)

Oh, the photo... Yeah, not bad. I liked yesterday's better. Nice colours, but the blurry white is quite bright. It almost hurts my eyes.

comment by Simon C at 09:31 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Please the audience or please yourself? Are the two completely mutually exclusive? Or perhaps by achieving the former you also achieve the latter? But is such a situation entirely healthy?

Questions questions...

comment by nuno f at 10:05 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

There's a clear duality about the foregroung and the background of this photo. While the foreground is more sharp and with more details, it's a little "empty" in visual terms. The background, on the other side, is more interesting and vidid even if it is blured. A good composition! : )

comment by Alessandro at 10:37 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

You needed a bulb, didn't you. :-)

comment by djn1 at 10:53 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Matthew: interesting point, but I think it's a bit problematic to say that my audience will like an image for no other reason than it's posted here. Sure, regular visitors have the benefit of seeing how an image fits (or not) with the rest of my work, but I don't see that this makes them entirely acritical.

Geoff and Simon C: if I wasn't bothered about my audience I wouldn't have a blog, but I'm not about to start pandering to what I think will please them ;-) To be honest, most of the time I do have a good idea about how an image will be received (e.g. I knew that yesterday's would be preferred to today's, but that neither would be heavily commented) but it's not something I worry about. Actually, if I could come up with more postable shots, I might worry about it, but for the last year or so I've posted everything that I think is even half-way decent because I simply don't have enough time to come up with something better.

comment by kim at 11:52 AM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Brilliant to see Chromasia in the the T2 section of the Times reccommended sites yesterday, Dave!

comment by djn1 at 12:10 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Kim: thanks for letting me know about the T2 thing, I hadn't seen it ;-)

comment by kim at 12:39 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

No problem! Hopefully that name check will attract a higher class of people commenting.

comment by regularjoe at 01:52 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

For whatever it's worth, I prefer today's to yesterday's. Without the light bulb it bocomes more about the elements of the composition. Texture and color in this case. The shot with the lightbulb strikes me as an "I have an idea" type of image.

comment by Aperture Priority (Wyllys) at 02:53 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

This one doesn't work for me, at all. There is nothing for the eye to focus on except for maybe the empty socket. The color is OK, but other than that, it doesn't leave much of an impression.

comment by djn1 at 07:55 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Thanks everyone, despite the fact that most of you didn't like it ;-)

comment by Bill at 08:01 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

I like it. It triggers emotion and thought, as it seems to have with everyone whether they like or dislike the shot. That's what art's about and as the artist you experiment, try new paths and see what opens up for you. Go for it. Enjoy.

comment by tobias at 08:49 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

I tend to agree with Matthew in that when I look at this image, I cannot see any defining merit. When you considered posting this shot, what was your criteria. What made you conclude "Yes, I like that image"?

comment by anna at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2005

Congrats on your growth from a year ago. Please don't be at all hesitant to post pics that you are 'drawn to' even if they aren't quite in line with your usual style. As mentioned above, your growth as an artist is what I find so stimulating about this site. I like viewing the thumbs section every once in awhile, and pondering the periods, or chapters I see in your work. I feel very strongly that growth and change is an integral part of every artist's ability to continue producing quality works. Congrats on a wonderful website which I have found to be absolutely addicting.