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Photographic commissions

Since establishing Chromasia in 2005 we have undertaken a broad range of commercial and private commissions and have worked with numerous clients including companies, non-profit organisations, publishers, governmental agencies, the Arts Council (England) and a number of individuals (for both private projects and their weddings). In each case our primary aim has been to match our creative vision, in terms of both the style and content of our photography, to the project and client’s requirements. We use state-of-the-art equipment to produce our images, including Canon 5D Mark II bodies, a wide range of ‘L’ series lenses, and a variety of RAW processors and image editing packages.

If you like our work, and would like to commission us for one of your own projects, either in the UK or further afield, please get in touch as follows:


telephone • +44 7591 464344 (David J. Nightingale)  My status


Examples of recent work

For most of the following examples you can click the thumbnail images: in some cases this will take you to the website on which the image has been used, in others it will link to a larger version on chromasia.

The Dubai International Financial Centre (Dubai, UAE: March 2009)
I was commissioned by the DIFC to provide a range of architectural and lifestyle images for use in their corporate literature. A small sample of the architectural shots are reproduced here.
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Firth Associates (November 2008)

I was commissioned by Firth Associates, a team of architects based in the North West of England, to post-produce a pre-existing set of images composed of computer generated graphics of their designs embedded within photographs of the Blackpool landscape.

A gallery of the final images can be seen here.

The National Fairground Archive (Blackpool: May 2008)
In May we were commissioned to photograph the Admission All Classes event – End of the Pier. This two day event was a tribute to the shows that used to form a part of traditional UK seaside entertainment.
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Centre for Forensic Neuroscience (February 2008)
We were commissioned by the Centre for Forensic Neuroscience to provide a range of photographs to be used on their web site illustrating their polygraph testing process and equipment.

Further images taken during the commission can be seen in this gallery.

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Van Volxem Winery (Wiltingen, Germany: September 2007)
In September 2007 we were commissioned to photograph the Van Volxem Winery, its staff and vineyards, and aspects of the 2007 harvest. Further images can be seen here.
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The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, BMOT (Nassau: August 2007)
In August 2007 we were commissioned by BMOT to spend 10 days photographing the island of Nassau. There is a gallery of further shots here and the full-page and half-page ads can be seen here.
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Blackpool Tourism: Transe Express (May 26th 2007)
I was commissioned to photograph Transe Express, a French drumming troupe, who perfomed two displays in Blackpool on May 26th, 2007.
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The ILEX Press: Baby Photography Now (January to March 2007)
In December 2006 we were commissioned by The ILEX Press to produce a book, entitled Baby Photography Now. The book was published in November 2007.
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The Rambler’s Association (late 2006 / early 2007)
This was a major commission, funded by the Rambler’s Association (a UK charity), to produce an extended series of contemporary images to be used in a variety of media for both editorial and advertising purposes.

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Blackpool Tourism: International Fireworks (September 2006)
I was commissioned to photograph the International Fireworks competition, hosted in Blackpool in September 2006. There were four displays, over four weeks, from Croatia, Italy, France (who won the competition) and China. The two images you can see here were shot during the Chinese display.
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Henrietta’s elephants (private commission, September 2006)
These two small elephants travelled around with me for about six months. They belong to Henrietta, who commissioned me to produce a shot of them – on location – as a gift for her friend's first wedding anniversary. They were used originally as the table decorations for the wedding, so a photograph of them one year on seemed quite fitting.

Some alternative shots of the elephants can be seen here.

Blackpool Tourism: TVR Back Home meetup (July 2006)
TVR’s are built in Blackpool and in July 2006 around four hundred of them, including the sole remaining Cerbera Speed 12, returned to Blackpool for the TVR Back Home meetup. I was commissioned to photograph the day's events.

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Tonic Design and Sony (April 2006)
In March 2006 Mark Sheldon and I were approached by Tonic Design to take part in a project to promote Sony’s Cyber-shot cameras. We were given a camera and a week to take a mimimum of 20 great shots.

The results can be seen in my T-Series gallery on chromasia.

Bolton Council: Fuse Units (February 2006)
I was commissioned to photograph the ‘fuse units’; purpose built ‘workspaces for the creative industries’ in Bolton, Lancashire.

Arts Council England (July–September 2005)
This was a commission funded by the Arts Council, England, that involved a) providing a series of portraits capturing the ethnic and cultural diversity of NW England, and b) photographing the Catalyst Conference, which was concerned with disseminating information on the themes of entitlement and cultural learning.

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Indigo Ross Design and Print (August 2005)
This commission involved the production of five images, each to a specified brief, for online and brochure based promotion of Indigo Ross, a design and print company based in Suffolk, UK. Our images were used between 2005 and 2007.

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Love’s Small Energy (private commission, February 2005)
The primary aim of this commission was to produce an image, to be given as a gift, that captured the essence of the relationship between the reciever of the gift and the person who commissioned it.

Wedding photography
We are not wedding photographers, but we have photographed a number of weddings for clients who like our style of work. Please for further information.

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