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comment by simon jenkins at 10:37 PM on 28 June, 2011

Very good Dave, I don't think this was a very easy image to process as there were many areas to take into consideration and the HDR in this case gave little room for movement, so you did well and couldn't see how you could have achieved any more. I found the small tiny adjustments you used at the end most interesting of all, a small flurry of tweaks and the planets aligned ;-)

comment by Barry at 05:59 PM on 5 July, 2011

First I would like to commend both April and David for a great job on all the versions! It never would have occurred to me to tone map the three images if I had one with a histogram without blown highlights or blocked up shadows, though I may have considered combining them with masks. It's a technique that I will keep in mind for the future. I know that April worked diligently to obtain sharp focus from the front grasses to the distant mountains and clouds, but I wonder if the images might be stronger with a little softness (blur) in the front grasses to lead the eye into the distance?

comment by djn1 at 06:12 PM on 5 July, 2011

Thanks Simon.

Barry: you may well be right, some foreground blur probably would make the image a bit stronger. If I have a spare 10 minutes or so I'll try it and let you know.

comment by James Howe at 11:08 PM on 16 January, 2012

Very interesting screencast. I'm just now catching up on these and I really enjoy hearing your thought process as you work on the image. It's also interesting to see your approach to modifications. It was also interesting watching this particular screencast because I was just in Hawaii and I drove through this very area. What none of the finished images was able to convey was the redness of the soil, but that may be more due to the lighting conditions at the time.

Regarding the processed images, I do like where you ended up on your color version. I also liked April's black and white version. One difference between her black and white and yours was in the grassy area. Her image kept more of the tonal difference between the green stalks of grass and the flowery tops and I liked that.

Thanks again for doing these screencasts. I find them very educational.

comment by David Nightingale at 06:13 AM on 17 January, 2012

Thanks James, I'm glad you're enjoying them.