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comment by Jeree at 09:46 AM on 28 September, 2010

I just realized that another reason I love these screencasts is that we have the opportunity to see (through your eyes) the way two independent artists have looked at, visualized and processed the same image. I really liked this screencast because of the subject matter, it really helped me to consider how a few changes can radically impact images that at the outset might be passed over at first glance. What a wealth of information, your mini-classes are a source of continual renewal for my very nascent creative juices, and I'm so grateful. jeree

comment by Simon Jenkins at 04:03 PM on 28 September, 2010

Another excellent tutorial, I really liked the finished picture and the thought processes to achieve the finished article. Some very good information in there. I agree with Jeree in that the initial weighing up of the image sends the picture on a very definite path and ultimately a successful image.

comment by Alexis at 07:10 PM on 28 September, 2010

Excellent discusion of the curve tool. The most interesting aspect for me is your searching for what you want to bring out in the image, a process which, usually, is not easily quantifiable

comment by jan habal design inc. at 11:31 PM on 29 September, 2010

My comment is for global overview of David’s tutorial pages not just Critique Slot Screencasts …

In short … It is with out any doubt, that today photography which brings every day new technologies may be confusing for many. Therefore It is incredibly refreshing to see these David‘s tutorial pages which come in very clear and comprehensive way. This reality make these tutorials valuable asset of information even for those of us who spend many years behind camera in studio or location, shooting for big advertising agencies or direct clients.

The perfect merge of David teaching background and his outstanding talent in field of photography is In my personal opinion … why these tutorials are reaching merits of perfection and classy approach toward the viewers due to exceptional presentation.

I am a LIFE member on this tutorial site and I say, it worth every penny !!!

Thank you David, GREAT JOB !


comment by Jeff at 04:28 AM on 10 November, 2010


I am a newer member to your site and truth be told. A little sceptical about paying for any site. I am one to say I am glad I did. These screencasts are amazing and have changed the way I do my post processing. (hopefully for the better) My only problem with the screencast is one I am sure many of us here will agree. Too Few and Too Far between...... I want more and more. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Last question, are you up to looking at some of our work so you can comment? Or is that to much to put on your plate? (ok I guess that was two questions)

comment by djn1 at 01:25 PM on 10 November, 2010

Jeff: thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying them. As for the frequency: I'm currently out in the middle east (as an instructor at a big photographic event) but will be posting a new one not long after I get home on the 17th.

And yes, I'd be happy to take a look at your work and provide some brief comments. Join the forum, and post it there. I won't have time to provide detailed feedback, but would be happy to take a look.