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This tutorial is based on a suggestion by Paul Schroder, one of our lifetime members, on how best to shoot and post-process winter landscapes or other shots containing snow. The major topics covered include: optimising your initial exposures; enhancing the colour of images shot of dull, flat days; how to tone black and white versions of your images; how to produce high-key winter portraits; and how to retain and enhance the fine scale detail in snow scenes.


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comment by Maciek Lesniak at 07:04 AM on 25 February, 2010

Why you should (sometimes) shoot in manual mode? So You tell me that there are other modes on my camera? Joke:) I have to admit that 99,9% of the time I am using manual mode, and spot metering is the only option. It is the best duo in my opinion to get the exposure right. I sometimes use aperture priority and that's all. Thanks for another great tutorial :)

comment by djn1 at 07:22 AM on 25 February, 2010

Maciek: yes, using manual mode and spot metering - in conjunction with keeping a close eye on your histogram - is probably the most accurate option. And thanks for the kind words about the tutorial, they're much appreciated.

comment by pchristoph at 10:28 AM on 25 February, 2010

great tutorial David! I enjoyed it a lot!

comment by Justin Photis at 11:20 AM on 26 February, 2010

Some lovely clear, easy to follow, steps, as always David. Very detailed commentary on all the photo's and techniques you've used and how they were achieved and why they were done. Brilliant.

comment by djn1 at 02:56 PM on 26 February, 2010

pchristoph and Justin: thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

comment by Dan Baggs at 09:39 PM on 28 February, 2010

another nice tutorial david, well timed after my month long trip to Norway. and i'm so glad i learned about 'exposing to the right' before i went...

i have a question about the Image 1 psd file: how did you remove the banding in the sky above the power lines whilst keeping the clouds looking natural?


comment by djn1 at 08:54 PM on 3 March, 2010

Hi Dan, I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for your question: I'm a bit puzzled. What banding are you referring to?

comment by Dan Baggs at 09:42 PM on 3 March, 2010

it may just be an artifact of the shrinking process, but there is banding on the "background" and "mod" layers (when "curves 1" is active), but there's none in "mod2"

comment by Jonas (americanvirus) at 02:25 AM on 16 May, 2010

Wonderful tutorial as always. I noticed the banding too. I figured you just did a very careful clone job.

comment by djn1 at 03:27 AM on 16 May, 2010

Dan/Jonas: the banding is a consequence of the resizing. I'll take a look at the original and see if I can resize it so that it's less noticeable.