Freelensed Eye
Image submitted by Robert Kirberich (published on Sep 19, 2011) comments and reactions
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image notes

shutter speed
7.56pm 30/10/10
Canon 7D

The photo was taken with an old minolta lens, held by hand in front of the camera body with a black piece of cloth over my head and arm to avoid light leaks. The aim was to get a tilt-shift effect with a very narrow DOF, which worked out nicely, though it did take 212 attempts to get there.

The lighting was a big studio light behind a translucent umbrella. The post-production took 5 additional layers: A copy of the content with the red area under the eye removed (using the stamp tool in hue mode), a soft light layer to lighten some darker areas around the eye, an unmasked curves layer for contrast, brightness and tone, a masked curves layer for the iris contrast and a vignette.

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