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See Through: Photography Competition

I've been asked to judge a photography competition run by PlasticPrinters.com, a company specialising in the production of innovative and eye-catching business cards.

The first prize is 500 Clear Plastic Business Cards (worth $750) for the winner (see below for some examples) and 250 cards for the runner up.

The theme is 'See Through', inspired by the popularity of their transparent and semi-transparent range of cards.

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Skin in B&W: Photography competition

I've been asked to judge a competition run by ViewBug: Skin in B&W. Up for grabs are two identical prizes: a free subscription to The Art of Black and White Photography - my online course on black and white postproduction - a limited edition photo storage hub, and 300 reward points).

The competition closes on the 7th of November and there have already been over 4000 entries, a handful of which I've included below. As I'm sure you'll agree, a lot of the entries are of a very high standard.

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Architectural Photography Competition: The Winners

Back in February I was asked to judge an architectural photography competition sponsored by Goodman Business Parks.

There were two prizes up for grabs – a Sony NEX-5R Compact System Camera for the overall winner, and a £50 Amazon UK Voucher for the runner up – and we received a great range of entries from around the world.

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Architectural Photography Competition

As you'll know if you read my initial review of the Sony SLT-A99 I'm currently making the switch to shooting full time with Sony gear. I'm selling my Canon kit, have invested in a range on Sony/Zeiss lenses, and have recently acquired another Sony camera that I'll be blogging about soon (watch this space!).

As such I was pleased to be asked to run and judge a UK based architectural photography competition that's being sponsored by Goodman Business Parks as the main prize is a Sony Nex-5R Compact Camera System.

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Millennium & Copthorne #CityView Photography Contest

Here's a competition for any of you who are based in the UK or plan on visiting at some point soon.

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels have launched a new blog and are holding a photography competition to kick start proceedings. Given the company's affinity with city life they are asking photographers to submit an image that captures the essence of their favourite city.

Entry's so far can be seen here and I am pleased to have been asked to judge the 'Most Dramatic' category. Other categories include 'Most Shared', 'Most Creative' and 'Honourable Mentions'.

Read on to find out how to enter and what you can win ...

Digiarte 2012 (9th edition)
Posted by Dave in News & Announcements on Oct 11, 2012 comments and reactions

Earlier this year I was invited to take part in Digiarte 2012 (9th edition), an exhibition of smart phone photography in Sesto Fiorentino and Florence, Italy. The exhibition featured a range of my images, alongside ones from Zack Arias, Dave Hill, Seymour Templar, Misho Baranovic, Martino Pietropoli, Simone "brahmino" Bramante, Agnese Morganti, and Corrado Nuccini.

I don't know what devices, apps and software anyone else used, but most of mine were shot with an iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic, with a some additional editing in Filterstorm.

Here's how the project was described:

"The starting idea is: of course anyone can take a photo with a mobile device, but how can an expert photographer optimize his workflow using a smartphone?

Eye, Culture, Sense of Composition, Knowledge of Photography History and Aesthetic principles, the use of filters: How can these element affect the quality of a "mobile" photo?

Our aim is to exhibit mobile photos by famous (and non-famous) great photographers that sometimes drop the heavy stuff (but nevertheless do not drop their creativity, their sense of art and style) and take some good shoots using a mobile phone camera.

We invited artists who are active in any mobile photo communities, with both individual projects and works displayed within the big communities (e.g. Instagram, Hipstamatic, picplz, to name a few)."

If you'd like to find out a bit more about the exhibition, including a recent video, read on ...

Digital Workflow: 101 (What do you want to learn?)
Posted by Dave in News & Announcements on Sep 5, 2012 comments and reactions

I'm planning two series of short articles for this blog: one will cover digital workflow and post-production, the other, shooting (e.g. composition, depth-of-field, and so on). These aren't going to be complex, or exhaustive – anything that warrants a more detailed discussion will become a tutorial – but I do want them to be interesting, informative and useful.

I'll write another post about the Shooting: 101 series soon, but it's the Digital Workflow series I want to talk about here as I'd like your help to pick the topics. Here's an initial list: some are my own ideas, while others were suggested on Facebook earlier today.

  • Sharpening for the web.
  • Setting up a Photoshop workspace.
  • Configuring Camera Raw.
  • Using 'Blend If'.
  • 16 bit versus 8 bit editing.
  • Understanding the Apply Image command.
  • Using the Info Palette effectively.
  • Noise reduction techniques.
  • How to create and use Actions and Droplets in Photoshop.
  • Dodging and Burning.

Read on to find out how you can help to pick the topics ...

How not to produce a promo video :)

On a good day – when I've planned exactly what I'm going to cover in a video, have rehearsed the order and phrasing in my head, and have all the images prepped and ready to go (and there's a strong following wind), I can record somewhere up to about an hour of video.

For my new Udemy course – The Art of Black & White Photography – things went a lot more slowly, mostly because I knew I'd be talking to a partly new audience. When I'm recording a video for our tutorials I don't always explain something I've covered in a previous video or tutorial, I take it for granted that either people will know it already, or, if they don't, I can refer them to the relevant source.

For my Udemy course then I tried to make sure that I explained everything, and explained it in a way that made sense in the context of the course as a whole. Now it's finished I'm fairly sure I managed to do that, but it took me twice as long as usual – I only managed about 30 minutes a day – and then only because I was working at least ten hours a day.

And the promo video took even longer!

Read on to find out why ...

The 'Spirited Community': Competition update

The 'Spirited Community' competition I mentioned in my last blog post, organised by the Isle of Jura, is now half way through.

The first four weekly winners (selected from almost 500 entries) have been announced, and have each won:

If you would like to take part, you have just another four weeks to upload your images.

Read on to see the four winning entries and find out how to take part.

The 'Spirited Community': with Jura, Olympus & Chromasia

If you enter just one photography competition this year, make sure it's the 'Spirited Community' competition organised by the by the Isle of Jura (one of the Southern Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland).

All you need to do is submit a photograph and 50 word description of why it captures a sense of community spirit.

For the next eight weeks, the photo that gets the most public votes during that week will win the photographer:

At the end of the competition the three overall winners (one from the UK, one from the US, and one from the rest of the world) will win:

  • A week's all-expenses trip to the Isle of Jura, including a stay in the exclusive Jura Lodge and a VIP tour of the Jura distillery and island.
  • An Olympus PEN E-PL3 camera.
  • A one-day photography workshop on the island provided by David.

You can jump straight to the competition website below, or read on for the full press release.


If you do submit an image, please leave a comment to let us know.