Architectural Photography Competition: The Winners

Back in February I was asked to judge an architectural photography competition sponsored by Goodman Business Parks.

There were two prizes up for grabs – a Sony NEX-5R Compact System Camera for the overall winner, and a £50 Amazon UK Voucher for the runner up – and we received a great range of entries from around the world.

the shortlist

It wasn't an easy competition to judge as the quality of the submitted images was high, but after quite a bit of deliberation we managed to narrow it down to a shortlist of sixteen.

I'm going to show you the runners-up first, including two that I'd like to give a personal honourable mention, then the two prize winners.

personal mentions

If I'd had two more prizes to give away I'd have awarded them to the following images, both of which I would have been delighted to have shot myself: a very striking image from Michael Connell, shot in New York; and a moody skyline from Ian Mylam, shot from Park Regis hotel in Dubai.

the winners

OK, so here are the winning images: a great, almost abstract shot from Martin Snelson, who wins the £50 Amazon voucher; and a beautifully complex shot of Westminster Tube Station from Tom Fakler: winner of the Sony NEX-5R.

As I'm sure you'll agree, both are fantastic images.

If you're interested, Tom has written a blog post about the competition, including his initial thoughts on the NEX-5R here. It was interesting to see that he homed in on the very aspect of this image that took it from good, to truly excellent: "tiny commuters … just visible between the out-sized struts and tubes". For me, these lend both scale and mood to the image: small dark figures, tucked away in the corner of an almost other-worldy industrial scene.

Well done, to both winners, my personal mentions, and the remainder of the shortlisted images.

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