Digiarte 2012 (9th edition)
Posted by Dave in News & Announcements on Oct 11, 2012 comments and reactions

Earlier this year I was invited to take part in Digiarte 2012 (9th edition), an exhibition of smart phone photography in Sesto Fiorentino and Florence, Italy. The exhibition featured a range of my images, alongside ones from Zack Arias, Dave Hill, Seymour Templar, Misho Baranovic, Martino Pietropoli, Simone "brahmino" Bramante, Agnese Morganti, and Corrado Nuccini.

I don't know what devices, apps and software anyone else used, but most of mine were shot with an iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic, with a some additional editing in Filterstorm.

Here's how the project was described:

"The starting idea is: of course anyone can take a photo with a mobile device, but how can an expert photographer optimize his workflow using a smartphone?

Eye, Culture, Sense of Composition, Knowledge of Photography History and Aesthetic principles, the use of filters: How can these element affect the quality of a "mobile" photo?

Our aim is to exhibit mobile photos by famous (and non-famous) great photographers that sometimes drop the heavy stuff (but nevertheless do not drop their creativity, their sense of art and style) and take some good shoots using a mobile phone camera.

We invited artists who are active in any mobile photo communities, with both individual projects and works displayed within the big communities (e.g. Instagram, Hipstamatic, picplz, to name a few)."

The exhibition opened on the 6th of this month at Centro Espositivo Antonio Berti via P. Bernini 57, Sesto Fiorentino in Italy, and while I couldn't be there I have been following the updates, the latest of which is the video I've included below. It's in Italian, so I have absolutely no idea about the commentary, but the images certainly look good :)

Hopefully the above will convince my better half that I should upgrade to an iPhone 5 ;-) If not then I'm stuck with the iPhone 4, which I don't really mind, it's a great little camera.

And finally, here's some of my images that were included in the exhibition and video. Let me know what you think.

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