Digital Workflow: 101 (What do you want to learn?)
Posted by Dave in News & Announcements on Sep 5, 2012 comments and reactions

I'm planning two series of short articles for this blog: one will cover digital workflow and post-production, the other, shooting (e.g. composition, depth-of-field, and so on). These aren't going to be complex, or exhaustive – anything that warrants a more detailed discussion will become a tutorial – but I do want them to be interesting, informative and useful.

I'll write another post about the Shooting: 101 series soon, but it's the Digital Workflow series I want to talk about here as I'd like your help to pick the topics. Here's an initial list: some are my own ideas, while others were suggested on Facebook earlier today.

  • Sharpening for the web.
  • Setting up a Photoshop workspace.
  • Configuring Camera Raw.
  • Using 'Blend If'.
  • 16 bit versus 8 bit editing.
  • Understanding the Apply Image command.
  • Using the Info Palette effectively.
  • Noise reduction techniques.
  • How to create and use Actions and Droplets in Photoshop.
  • Dodging and Burning.

Here's how I'd like you to help (please post all your responses in the comments below) ...

First, let me know which of the above topics interest you and I'll prioritise them.

Second, there's a whole range of topics, tools, kit and techniques that could be grouped together under the heading of digital workflow. Let me know what else you'd like me to talk about. If it helps, think about digital workflow as ANYTHING to do with your digital images, so while that clearly includes post-production, it could also include digital asset management and so on.

Third, if someone else mentions something that you'd be interested in, let me know.

Fourth, DON'T include any shooting topics (e.g. ISO, aperture, composition, and so on). I'll create a separate post soon asking for suggestions for the shooting series.

Once your suggestions start rolling in I'll add to the list of topics below. I'm aiming to post a couple each month, but they may end up being more frequent if the topics are straightforward. I'll also update the list as and when I get your feedback.

I'm going to be starting with Sharpening for the Web as this is a something I've been asked about recently, but the order and content from then on is pretty much up to you.

Digital Workflow: 101 (production schedule)

1. Sharpening for the Web.
2. ?

So if you'd like to learn more about digital workflow, let me know which topics most interest you in in the comments below and watch out for my first Digital Workflow: 101 post on Sharpening for The Web.

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